Deviser – ‘Evil Summons Evil’ CD


‘Evil Summons Evil’ is the latest release from Deviser, a Greek black metal band known for their dark, atmospheric soundscapes and unrelenting intensity. This new album stays true to the band’s roots while incorporating fresh elements that enhance their signature style. Fans of Deviser’s previous work and black metal enthusiasts alike will be captivated by the raw power, captivating melodies, and evocative atmosphere of ‘Evil Summons Evil’.

The album boasts a varied selection of tracks, each offering a unique perspective while still maintaining a cohesive sound that captures the essence of Deviser’s style. By drawing inspiration from multiple metal sub-genres, including symphonic black metal and melodic death metal, the band has crafted an immersive and engaging listening experience. The lyrics explore dark themes such as occultism, mythology, and the nature of evil, providing a rich and thought-provoking narrative for the listener.

The musicianship showcased in ‘Evil Summons Evil’ is undeniably impressive. Each member of Deviser brings their own unique talents to the table, resulting in a collection of powerful guitar riffs, intricate drum patterns, and haunting vocal delivery. The album’s production is of high quality, providing a well-balanced sound that highlights each instrument without drowning out the others, thus allowing the listener to fully appreciate the nuances of the band’s work.

In summary, ‘Evil Summons Evil’ is a strong addition to Deviser’s catalog, exemplifying their continued dedication to the black metal genre while introducing new elements that enrich their sound. The combination of diverse musical influences, dark lyrical themes, and exceptional musicianship make this album a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike. If you are a fan of Deviser or are seeking to delve deeper into the realm of black metal, ‘Evil Summons Evil’ is an album that should not be overlooked.

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Black metal




Hammerheart Records


February 10th, 2023




Compact Disk


01. Death is Life Eternal
02. Cold Comes the Night
03. Absence of Heaven
04. Tenebrae
05. Of Magick
06. Evoking the Moon Goddess
07. Where Angels Fear to Tread
08. Sky Burial
09. Serpent God
10. When the Lights went Out




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Deviser - ‘Evil Summons Evil’
Deviser – ‘Evil Summons Evil’ CD
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