Dødheimsgard – ‘Black Medium Current’ CD


The ‘Black Medium Current’ album by Dødheimsgard is a masterpiece of avant-garde black metal that defies traditional genre boundaries. The album features a unique blend of aggressive riffs, experimental electronic elements, and haunting melodies that create a sound that is both challenging and captivating.

One of the most striking features of the album is the band’s use of unconventional song structures and musical techniques. The songs are filled with unexpected twists and turns, with a sense of unpredictability and chaos that keeps the listener engaged and intrigued.

The musicianship on ‘Black Medium Current’ is also exceptional, with each band member delivering a powerful and precise performance on their respective instruments. The vocals, in particular, are noteworthy, with frontman Aldrahn delivering a visceral and emotive performance that perfectly captures the intensity of the music.

The production quality of the album is also impressive, with a clear and well-balanced mix that allows every instrument and vocal track to shine. The album is a testament to the band’s commitment to creating a high-quality listening experience, with every detail carefully crafted to perfection.

Overall, ‘Black Medium Current’ is a highly recommended album for fans of avant-garde and experimental music. It is a bold and adventurous work that pushes the boundaries of the black metal genre, showcasing the band’s impressive musicianship and artistic vision. From the frenzied riffs to the atmospheric passages, this album is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

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Avant-garde metal


Matias Aaversen, and Vicotnik


Peaceville Records


April 14th, 2023


Norwegian, and English


Compact Disk


01. Et Smelter
02. Tankespinnerens Smerte
03. Interstellar Nexus
04. It Does Not Follow
05. Voyager
06. Halow
07. Det Tomme Kalde Morke
08. Abyss Perihelion Transit
09. Requiem Aeternum




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Dødheimsgard - ‘Black Medium Current’
Dødheimsgard – ‘Black Medium Current’ CD
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