Dorthia Cottrell – ‘Death Folk Country’ Vinyl


Dorthia Cottrell, best known as the vocalist of American doom metal band Windhand, ventured into new territory with her solo album ‘Death Folk Country.’ Released on 20XX, the album showcases Cottrell’s distinctive voice and songwriting talent through a blend of folk, country, and blues, infused with a dark and haunting atmosphere. In this review, we will explore the emotional depth of ‘Death Folk Country’ and examine how Cottrell’s unique sound captivates listeners.

‘Death Folk Country’ opens with ‘Death Is The Punishment For Love’ a melancholic and stripped-down track that immediately sets the tone for the album. Cottrell’s haunting vocals take center stage, accompanied by her fingerpicked acoustic guitar. The album continues to mesmerize listeners with tracks like ‘Harvester’ and ‘Effigy At The Gates Of Ur,’ which weave together elements of traditional country, folk, and blues with a darker, almost Gothic twist.

Throughout the album, Cottrell demonstrates her ability to create an intimate and emotional connection with her audience. Songs like ‘Hell In My Water’ and ‘Eat What I Kill’ delve into themes of love, loss, and longing, with her evocative lyrics painting vivid pictures of heartache and despair. The album’s sparse instrumentation and minimalist production allow Cottrell’s powerful vocals to shine, creating a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion.

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Dorthia Cottrell


United States of America


Dark folk music


Audiosiege Studios


Brad Boatright


Relapse Records


April 21st, 2023




12-inch LP


Translucent gold




Side A:

01. Death Is The Punishment For Love
02. Harvester
03. Black Canyon
04. Family Annihilator
05. Effigy At The Gates Of Ur

Side B:

01. Midnight Boy
02. Hell In My Water
03. Take Up Serpents
04. For Alicia
05. Eat What I Kill
06. Death Is The Reward For Love




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Dorthia Cottrell – ‘Death Folk Country’
Dorthia Cottrell – ‘Death Folk Country’ Vinyl
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