Enslaved – ‘Heimdal’ Vinyl


‘Heimdal’ is a powerful release from Enslaved, a Norwegian black/viking metal band. This album showcases the band’s ability to create a unique and captivating sound that blends black metal’s aggression with viking metal’s epic melodies and atmospheric textures. Fans of Enslaved’s previous work, as well as those interested in exploring the depths of black/viking metal, will appreciate the album’s complex compositions, atmospheric soundscapes, and exceptional musicianship.

The tracks on ‘Heimdal’ feature a blend of black metal’s ferocity, viking metal’s epic melodies and chants, and atmospheric textures. The album’s concept, centered around Norse mythology and the god Heimdallr, adds a mystical and introspective dimension to the music. Lyrically, ‘Heimdal’ explores themes of mythology, nature, and the human experience, contributing to the captivating and mystical atmosphere that permeates the entire release.

The musicianship on ‘Heimdal’ is exceptional, with each member of Enslaved contributing to the album’s complex and dynamic sound. The intricate guitar work, thunderous drumming, and commanding vocals create a dynamic and emotive sonic experience that showcases the band’s enduring talent. The epic and atmospheric elements are also expertly executed, adding to the album’s captivating and mystical qualities. The album’s production quality is noteworthy, ensuring that the various musical elements come together seamlessly for a well-balanced and polished presentation.

In conclusion, ‘Heimdal’ is a powerful and captivating addition to Enslaved’s discography, demonstrating the band’s ability to push the boundaries of black/viking metal. The combination of diverse musical elements, captivating atmosphere, and exceptional musicianship make this album a must-have for fans and newcomers alike. If you are seeking a thrilling and immersive listening experience that delves deep into the mystical and introspective depths of black/viking metal, Enslaved’s ‘Heimdal’ is an album that should not be missed.

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Viking metal


Fascination Street Studios


Ivar Bjørnson, Iver Sandøy, and Grutle Kjellson


Nuclear Blast Records


March 3rd, 2023




12-inch LP






Side A:

01. Behind The Mirror
02. Congelia

Side B:

01. Forest Dweller
02. Kingdom

Side C:

01. The Eternal Sea
02. Caravans To The Outer Worlds

Side D:

01. Heimdal




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Avoid playing the same record too frequently, as this can wear down the grooves and affect sound quality over time.


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Enslaved - ‘Heimdal’
Enslaved – ‘Heimdal’ Vinyl
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