Fear Factory – ‘Mechanize’ CD


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Fear Factory, the influential American industrial metal band, made a triumphant return with their 2010 album ‘Mechanize.’ Marking the reunion of vocalist Burton C. Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares, the album combines elements of industrial, death, and groove metal to create a distinctive and powerful sound. In this review, we will examine the impact of ‘Mechanize’ on Fear Factory’s discography and delve into the themes of technology and dehumanization that pervade the album.

‘Mechanize’ opens with the relentless title track, immediately showcasing the band’s signature blend of industrial and metal influences. Heavy guitar riffs, pulsating drum beats, and Bell’s alternating clean and harsh vocals create a mechanical, dystopian atmosphere that persists throughout the album. Songs like ‘Industrial Discipline’ and ‘Powershifter’ further explore this theme, combining intense guitar work, precise drumming, and thought-provoking lyrics about the relationship between humans and technology.

The album also features moments of introspection and vulnerability, as evident in tracks like ‘Final Exit’ and ‘Designing the Enemy.’ These songs showcase Bell’s melodic singing and Cazares’ atmospheric guitar work, providing a respite from the album’s heavier moments and offering a glimpse into the human side of the machine.

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Fear Factory


United States of America


Industrial groove metal


Surplus Studio


Rhys Fulber, and Fear Factory


Nuclear Blast Records


June 23th, 2023




Compact Disk


01. Mechanize
02. Industrial Discipline
03. Fear Campaign
04. Powershifter
05. Christploitation
06. Oxidizer
07. Controlled Demolition
08. Designing the Enemy
09. Metallic Division
10. Final Exit
11. Martyr (Re-Recorded Version)
12. Crash Test (Re-Recorded Version)
13. Sangre de Ninos (Re-Recorded Version)




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Fear Factory - ‘Mechanize’
Fear Factory – ‘Mechanize’ CD
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