Gojira – ‘The Way of All Flesh’ Vinyl


Gojira’s fourth studio album, ‘The Way of All Flesh,’ is a profound and introspective journey that explores the complexities of human existence and the inevitable cycle of life. Released in 2008, this French metal titan delivers a captivating and thought-provoking sonic experience that delves into themes of mortality, the human condition, and the interconnectedness of all living things. ‘The Way of All Flesh’ stands as a testament to Gojira’s musical prowess, lyrical depth, and their ability to create an immersive and emotionally charged listening experience.

‘The Way of All Flesh’ showcases Gojira’s ability to create a sonic landscape that is both crushing and melodic. The album features a fusion of complex and precise guitar riffs, intricate drum patterns, and powerful basslines that create a dense and dynamic sound. Guitarists Joe Duplantier and Christian Andreu deliver a combination of fierce aggression and mesmerizing melodies, while Jean-Michel Labadie’s basslines add depth and heaviness. Mario Duplantier’s drumming is precise and relentless, driving the songs with a relentless energy. Tracks like ‘Oroborus’ and ‘Vacuity’ exemplify Gojira’s ability to combine technicality with memorable hooks, resulting in a musically captivating experience.

Gojira’s ‘The Way of All Flesh’ is a profound and introspective journey that showcases the band’s musical prowess and their ability to create an impactful listening experience. With its complex compositions, profound lyrics, and meticulous production, the album solidifies Gojira as one of the most innovative and thought-provoking bands in the metal genre. ‘The Way of All Flesh’ is a testament to their ability to explore the depths of human existence and create a deeply immersive and emotionally resonant sonic experience. It stands as a powerful testament to the band’s musical and philosophical growth, inviting listeners to reflect on the nature of life and their place within the grand scheme of existence.

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Progressive death metal




Joe Duplantier


Listenable Records


October 13th, 2008




12-inch LP






Side A:

01. The Way of All Flesh
02. Toxic Garbage Island
03. Oroborus
04. Vacuity
05. Grind

Side B:

01. A Sight to Behold
02. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
03. Flying Whales
04. The Cell
05. Esoteric Surgery




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Gojira - ‘The Way of All Flesh’
Gojira – ‘The Way of All Flesh’ Vinyl
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