Immolation – ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’ CD


Immolation’s ninth studio album, ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’, released in 2013, is a challenging but rewarding exploration into the depths of death metal. Combining classic death metal sounds with modern production techniques, Immolation has crafted an album that is both crushing in its intensity and complex in its composition.

The album opens with the fast-paced ‘Echoes of Despair’, a song that sets the tone for the album as a whole. The guitars are heavy, the drums are thunderous and the vocals are distorted and savage. This song showcases the band’s talent for songwriting and its ability to craft catchy riffs and memorable hooks. It is the perfect way to kick off the album and the listener is immediately drawn in by its intensity.

Overall, Immolation has crafted an excellent album with ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’. It is an intense and challenging listen, but it rewards the listener with a complex and varied exploration of death metal. Highly recommended for fans of death metal and extreme metal in general.

The rest of the album follows suit, with ‘Keep the Silence’, ‘Indoctrinate’ and ‘A Spectacle of Lies’ all providing classic death metal riffs and energetic drumming. The album also features slower, more atmospheric tracks, such as ‘Bound to Order’ and ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’, which provide a welcome contrast to the more frenzied songs.

The production on this album is top-notch, with the guitars and drums sounding crisp and clear. The vocals are distorted and harsh, but never overpower the instrumentation. The mix is balanced and the production values are of the highest caliber.

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United States of America


Death metal


Millbrook Sound Studios


Paul Orofino


Nuclear Blast Records


May 10th, 2013




Compact Disk


01. Echoes of Despair
02. Keep the Silence
03. Kingdom of Conspiracy
04. Serving Divinity
05. The Great Sleep
06. Indoctrinate
07. A Spectacle of Lies
08. God Complex
09. Bound to Order
10. All That Awaits




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Immolation – ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’
Immolation – ‘Kingdom of Conspiracy’ CD
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