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In Flames’ album ‘Foregone’ is a testament to the Swedish band’s resilience and continued evolution within the realm of melodic metal. Released in [YEAR], this album showcases In Flames’ ability to craft captivating melodies, blend heavy riffs with infectious hooks, and create a sound that is both familiar and fresh. ‘Foregone’ stands as a testament to In Flames’ musical versatility, songwriting prowess, and their ability to captivate listeners with their signature melodic metal sound.

‘Foregone’ captures the melodic beauty and raw power of In Flames’ music. The album’s sound is polished, balanced, and meticulously crafted, allowing each instrument and vocal line to shine through. The production enhances the impact of the melodic hooks, heavy guitar riffs, and infectious energy, creating a sonic landscape that immerses listeners in In Flames’ world. From the anthemic choruses to the soaring guitar solos, ‘Foregone’ is a testament to In Flames’ ability to create a melodic metal experience that resonates with fans old and new.

In Flames’ ‘Foregone’ is an album that showcases the band’s continued evolution and ability to deliver captivating melodic metal. With its blend of powerful riffs, infectious hooks, and introspective lyrics, the album offers an engaging and energetic listening experience. ‘Foregone’ stands as a testament to In Flames’ resilience and their ability to create melodic metal anthems that connect with listeners on an emotional level. It invites fans to embark on a sonic journey that combines the familiar melodic elements of In Flames’ sound with fresh and captivating musical ideas.

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In Flames




Melodic death metal


Howard Benson's Music


Howard Benson


Nuclear Blast Records


July 28th, 2023




12-inch LP


Glow in the dark




Side A:

01. The Beginning of All Things
02. State of Slow Decay
03. Meet Your Maker
04. Bleeding Out

Side B:

01. Foregone Pt. 1
02. Foregone Pt. 2
03. Pure Light of Mind
04. The Great Deceiver

Side C:

01. In the Dark
02. A Dialogue in B-Flat Minor
03. Cynosure
04. End the Transmission

Side D:

01. The End (Bonus Track)
02. Stay with Me (Bonus Track)




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Keep vinyl records away from magnets, as they can affect the sound quality and damage the grooves.


Use a quality turntable with a good stylus and cartridge, and make sure it is properly calibrated for optimal playback.


Avoid playing the same record too frequently, as this can wear down the grooves and affect sound quality over time.


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In Flames - ‘Foregone’
In Flames – ‘Foregone’ Vinyl
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