Job for a Cowboy – ‘Genesis’ CD


Job for a Cowboy’s third studio album, ‘Genesis,’ was released in 2009 and marked a significant change in the band’s sound. After gaining fame with their 2006 ‘Doom’ EP, the band switched from deathcore to a more technical and brutal death metal sound. With ‘Genesis,’ the band managed to capture the perfect mixture of technicality and brutality, while also adding more melody and solos.

The production of this album is top-notch, with every instrument and vocal track being clear and well-defined. The guitar work is outstanding, with Bobby Koelble and Ravi Bhadriraju providing a great mix of riffs and solos throughout the album. The bass work is also impressive, with Brent Riggs being able to keep up with the guitarists and show off his own style. The drumming is provided by former drummer Elliot Sellers, and he does an incredible job of keeping the music tight and providing the perfect atmosphere for each song. The vocals are provided by Jonny Davy and are mostly mid-level growls, with some higher-pitched screams thrown in for good measure. The lyrics are interesting and complex, focusing on themes of gore and esotericism.

Overall, Job for a Cowboy’s ‘Genesis’ album is an excellent example of modern death metal. It is an intense and brutal album that is sure to satisfy any fan of extreme metal.

For those looking to give death metal a try, this album is a great place to start.

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Job for a Cowboy


United States of America


Death metal


Blue Light Audio Media


Cory Spotts


Metal Blade Records


May 15, 2007




Compact Disk


01. Bearing The Serpents Lamb
02. Reduced To Mere Filth
03. Altered From Catechization
04. Upheaval
05. Embedded
06. Strings Of Hypocrisy
07. Martyrdom Unsealed
08. Blasphemy
09. The Divine Falsehood
10. Coalescing Prophecy




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Job for a Cowboy - ‘Genesis’
Job for a Cowboy – ‘Genesis’ CD
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