Legion of the Damned – ‘The Poison Chalice’ CD


Legion of the Damned’s album ‘The Poison Chalice’ is a blistering display of thrash/death metal that showcases the band’s ferocity and technical proficiency.

The production on this album is exceptional, with a clear and powerful sound that perfectly captures the band’s intensity. The guitar work is particularly impressive, with a blend of crushing riffs and lightning-fast solos that create a sense of both power and speed. The vocals are also a highlight, with Maurice Swinkels’ harsh screams and growls perfectly complementing the music.

One of the standout tracks on the album is ‘Contamination’ which features a driving rhythm and a memorable chorus that will have listeners headbanging in no time. The song also features some of the album’s most impressive guitar work, with a blend of fast and intricate solos that showcase the band’s technical prowess.

Overall, ‘The Poison Chalice’ is a fantastic addition to Legion of the Damned’s already impressive discography. The band has managed to create an album that is both aggressive and memorable, with songs that are sure to become live favorites.

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Legion of the Damned




Death thrash metal


Erwin Hermsen, and Legion of the Damned


Napalm Records


May 26th, 2023




Compact Disk


01. Saints in Torment
02. Contamination
03. Progressive Destructor
04. Skulls Adorn the Traitor’s Gate
05. Behold the Beyond
06. Retaliation
07. Savage Intent
08. Chimes of Flagellation
09. Beheading of the Godhead
10. The Poison Chalice




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Legion of the Damned - ‘The Poison Chalice’
Legion of the Damned – ‘The Poison Chalice’ CD
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