Mastodon – ‘Blood Mountain’ CD


Mastodon’s third studio album, ‘Blood Mountain,’ is a thrilling musical odyssey that showcases the band’s progressive metal prowess and their ability to create a conceptually rich and immersive sonic experience. Released in 2006, this American powerhouse delivers a dynamic and complex journey that explores themes of nature, mythology, and the human struggle. ‘Blood Mountain’ stands as a testament to Mastodon’s musical virtuosity, songwriting prowess, and their ability to push the boundaries of the genre.

‘Blood Mountain’ exemplifies Mastodon’s mastery of technicality and intricate song structures. The album features a tapestry of complex and mesmerizing riffs, intricate guitar harmonies, and breathtaking solos that captivate the listener’s imagination. Guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher demonstrate their exceptional skills, seamlessly blending heavy and melodic elements throughout the album. The rhythm section of Troy Sanders on bass and Brann Dailor on drums provides a thunderous and precise foundation, navigating through intricate time signatures with unmatched precision. Mastodon’s ability to create a harmonious blend of aggression and melody is showcased in tracks like ‘Colony of Birchmen’ and ‘Sleeping Giant.’

Mastodon’s ‘Blood Mountain’ is a thrilling ascent to the pinnacle of progressive metal. With its intricate compositions, captivating storytelling, and meticulous production, the album showcases the band’s musical virtuosity and their ability to create a conceptually rich and immersive sonic experience. ‘Blood Mountain’ is a must-listen for any fan of progressive metal, as it solidifies Mastodon’s position as one of the genre’s most innovative and captivating bands. The album is a testament to their artistic evolution and the heights they continue to reach in their musical journey.

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United States of America


Progressive metal


Robert Lang Studios, Studio Litho, and EK Studios


Matt Bayles, and Mastodon


Reprise Records


June 24th, 2014




Compact Disk




01. The Wolf Is Loose
02. Crystal Skull
03. Sleeping Giant
04. Capillarian Crest
05. Circle of Cysquatch
06. Bladecatcher
07. Colony of Birchmen
08. Hunters of the Sky
09. Hand of Stone
10. This Mortal Soil
11. Siberian Divide
12. Pendulous Skin




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Mastodon - ‘Blood Mountain’
Mastodon – ‘Blood Mountain’ CD
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