Mastodon – ‘Call of the Mastodon’ CD


Mastodon’s compilation album, ‘Call of the Mastodon,’ serves as a ferocious predecessor that showcases the band’s raw power and burgeoning talent. Released in 2006, this collection of early tracks represents the formative years of Mastodon’s musical journey, providing a glimpse into the band’s evolution and the foundation of their signature sound. ‘Call of the Mastodon’ offers a thrilling and unrelenting display of aggression, complexity, and sheer sonic force.

‘Call of the Mastodon’ may not have a specific conceptual theme, but the lyrical content delves into a variety of themes, including mythology, fantasy, and personal introspection. Tracks like ‘March of the Fire Ants’ and ‘Battle at Sea’ showcase Mastodon’s early penchant for storytelling, often with dark and vivid imagery. The lyrics reflect the band’s youthful spirit and serve as a glimpse into the creative exploration that would later be fully realized in their subsequent albums.

‘Call of the Mastodon’ is a testament to the raw power and untamed potential of Mastodon in their early years. While it may not possess the conceptual depth or refined production of their later albums, it showcases the band’s innate talent, technical proficiency, and their ability to craft complex and aggressive compositions. ‘Call of the Mastodon’ provides an essential glimpse into the origins of one of metal’s most influential bands and serves as a thrilling reminder of their relentless pursuit of sonic innovation.

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United States of America


Progressive metal


LedBelly Sound Studio


Matt Washburn, and Mastodon


Relapse Records


February 25, 2022




Double Compact Disk




Disc 1:

01. Shadows That Move
02. Welcoming War
03. Thank You For This
04. We Built This Come Death
05. Hail To Fire
06. Battle At Sea
07. Deep Sea Creature
08. Slickleg
09. Call Of The Mastodon

Disc 2:

01. Where the Wave Broke
02. The Immateria
03. Devilution
04. Cometh Down Hessian
05. Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants
06. Highway Robbery
07. And Just Go
08. Running Shoe of Justice
09. Introduction
10. Time As Ideology
11. Forlani
12. Proof
13. Dying Will Be the Death of Me
14. Piecemaker
15. Chinatown
16. Dolphenwolf
17. Gravedancer
18. Towering Flesh
19. Dear Martyr
20. Fetesque




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Mastodon - ‘Call of the Mastodon’
Mastodon – ‘Call of the Mastodon’ CD
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