Misery Index – ‘Complete Control’ CD


Misery Index, the American death metal band known for their politically charged lyrics and relentless energy, will release their gripping album ‘Complete Control’ in May 13th, 2022. Combining elements of death metal, grindcore, and crust punk, the band delivers a ferocious sonic assault that challenges the status quo. In this review, we will dissect the intensity of ‘Complete Control,’ highlighting its strengths and examining the impact of its socio-political themes.

‘Complete Control’ is a relentless barrage of aggressive riffs, pummeling drums, and furious vocals that leave the listener breathless. Opening with ‘Administer the Dagger,’ Misery Index wastes no time setting the tone for the album, as the track’s chaotic instrumentation and confrontational lyrics take aim at oppressive power structures. The album continues this onslaught with tracks like ‘Necessary Suffering’ and ‘Reciprocal Repulsion,’ tackling issues of social inequality and personal freedom.

Musically, Misery Index excels at creating a sense of controlled chaos. Breakneck tempos and intricate guitar work are balanced by well-placed grooves and memorable hooks, as evident in songs like ‘Conspiracy of None’ and ‘Now Defied!’ The band’s ability to seamlessly blend death metal, grindcore, and crust punk elements creates a unique and compelling sound that sets them apart in the genre.

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Misery Index


United States of America


Death metal


Jens Bogren


Century Media Records


May 13th, 2022




Compact Disk


01. Administer the Dagger
02. The Eaters and the Eaten
03. Complete Control
04. Necessary Suffering
05. Rites of Cruelty
06. Conspiracy of None
07. Infiltrators
08. Reciprocal Repulsion
09. Now Defied!




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Misery Index - ‘Complete Control’
Misery Index – ‘Complete Control’ CD
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