My Dying Bride – ‘34.788%… Complete’ CD


‘34.788%… Complete’ is the fifth studio album by My Dying Bride, a trailblazer in the death-doom metal genre. Venturing into uncharted territory, this album showcases the band’s willingness to experiment with diverse musical elements, including electronic and industrial influences. Fans of My Dying Bride’s earlier work, as well as those seeking an unconventional and eclectic listening experience, will find intrigue and artistic merit in the bold compositions, introspective lyrics, and remarkable musicianship present on this album.

The tracks on ‘34.788%… Complete’ display a vast array of sonic textures, blending atmospheric keyboards, heavy guitar riffs, and electronic elements to create a unique and avant-garde sound. The album features both clean and harsh vocals, further diversifying the band’s musical palette. Lyrically, ‘34.788%… Complete’ explores themes such as personal introspection, existentialism, and emotional turmoil, which contribute to the album’s enigmatic and immersive atmosphere.

The musicianship on ‘34.788%… Complete’ is outstanding, with each member of My Dying Bride contributing to the album’s distinct and captivating sound. The fusion of traditional doom metal instrumentation with electronic and industrial elements creates an engaging and unconventional sonic experience. The album’s production quality is noteworthy, as it allows the various musical components to coexist harmoniously, resulting in a well-balanced and polished presentation.

In summary, ‘34.788%… Complete’ is a daring and innovative release from My Dying Bride, demonstrating the band’s versatility and artistic growth within the death-doom metal genre. The amalgamation of diverse musical elements, introspective lyrical themes, and exceptional musicianship make this album a fascinating addition to any music lover’s collection. If you are seeking a challenging and unconventional listening experience that pushes the boundaries of metal music, My Dying Bride’s ‘34.788%… Complete’ is an album worth exploring.

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My Dying Bride


United Kingdom


Doom metal


Robert Magoolagan, and My Dying Bride


Peaceville Records


October 6th, 1998




Compact Disk


01. Whore, the Cook and the Mother
02. Stance of Evander Sinoue
03. Der Erlebende
04. Heroin Chic
05. Apocalypse Woman
06. Base Level Erotica
07. Under Your Wings and Into Your Arms
08. Follower




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My Dying Bride - ‘34.788%… Complete’
My Dying Bride – ‘34.788%… Complete’ CD
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