My Dying Bride – ‘Line Of Deathless Kings’ CD


‘A Line of Deathless Kings’ is the ninth studio album from My Dying Bride, a leading force in the death-doom metal genre. Building upon their established sound, the band delves deeper into melancholic and atmospheric territories, further refining their signature blend of heavy instrumentation and emotional intensity. Fans of My Dying Bride’s previous work and those interested in exploring the depths of doom metal will appreciate the compelling compositions, evocative lyrics, and exceptional musicianship showcased on this album.

The tracks on ‘A Line of Deathless Kings’ exemplify My Dying Bride’s unique fusion of atmospheric doom, somber melodies, and crushing guitar riffs. The band’s use of both clean and growled vocals adds emotional depth to the music, further immersing listeners in the album’s dark and introspective world. Lyrically, ‘A Line of Deathless Kings’ explores themes of loss, despair, and human fragility, contributing to the haunting atmosphere that permeates the entire release.

The musicianship on ‘A Line of Deathless Kings’ is exceptional, with each member of My Dying Bride contributing to the album’s mesmerizing sound. The intricate guitar work, evocative keyboard arrangements, and dynamic drumming create a rich and captivating sonic experience that showcases the band’s enduring talent. The album’s production quality is also noteworthy, allowing the various musical elements to coalesce seamlessly into a well-balanced and polished presentation.

In conclusion, ‘A Line of Deathless Kings’ is a captivating addition to My Dying Bride’s discography, demonstrating the band’s continued evolution and mastery within the death-doom metal genre. The combination of diverse musical elements, poignant lyrical themes, and remarkable musicianship make this album a must-have for fans and newcomers alike. If you are seeking an atmospheric and emotive listening experience that delves deep into the human psyche, My Dying Bride’s ‘A Line of Deathless Kings’ is an album that should not be overlooked.

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My Dying Bride


United Kingdom


Doom metal


Mark Mynett


Peaceville Records


October 9th, 2006




Compact Disk


01. To Remain Tombless
02. L'amour Detruit
03. I Cannot Be Loved
04. And I Walk with Them
05. Thy Raven Wings
06. Love's Intolerable Pain
07. One of Beauty's Daughters
08. Deeper Down
09. The Blood, the Wine, the Roses




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My Dying Bride - ‘Line Of Deathless Kings’
My Dying Bride – ‘Line Of Deathless Kings’ CD
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