My Dying Bride – ‘The Angel and the Dark River’ CD


‘The Angel and the Dark River’ is the third studio album from My Dying Bride, a pioneering act in the death-doom metal genre. Expanding upon the sound established in their previous works, this album features a more atmospheric and melancholic approach, with a greater emphasis on gothic elements. Fans of My Dying Bride’s earlier releases and listeners seeking an immersive, emotive experience in metal music will undoubtedly appreciate the evocative compositions, poignant lyrics, and superb musicianship showcased on this record.

The tracks on ‘The Angel and the Dark River’ exhibit a broad sonic spectrum, skillfully intertwining somber melodies, atmospheric keyboards, and heavy, doom-laden guitar riffs. A notable shift in this album is the predominant use of clean vocals, which adds an additional layer of emotional depth and vulnerability to the music. The lyrics explore themes such as sorrow, loss, and despair, creating a dark and captivating narrative that enhances the album’s haunting ambience.

The musicianship on ‘The Angel and the Dark River’ is exceptional, with each band member contributing to the album’s unique and enthralling sound. The combination of intricate guitar work, evocative violin arrangements, and powerful drums creates a rich and immersive sonic landscape that is both melancholic and mesmerizing. The album’s production quality further adds to its allure, providing a polished and well-balanced presentation of the various musical elements.

In conclusion, ‘The Angel and the Dark River’ is a testament to My Dying Bride’s continued evolution and creativity within the death-doom metal genre. The fusion of diverse musical elements, profound lyrical themes, and outstanding musicianship make this album a must-have for fans and newcomers alike. If you are seeking a deeply emotional and atmospheric listening experience, My Dying Bride’s ‘The Angel and the Dark River’ is an album that should not be missed.

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My Dying Bride


United Kingdom


Death doom metal


Robert Magoolagan, and My Dying Bride


Peaceville Records


May 22nd, 1995




Compact Disk


01. Cry of Mankind
02. From Darkest Skies
03. Black Voyage
04. Sea to Suffer in
05. Two Winters Only
06. Your Shameful Heaven
07. Sexuality of Bereavement
08. Your River [Live]
09. Sea to Suffer in [Live]
10. Forever People [Live]




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My Dying Bride - ‘The Angel and the Dark River’
My Dying Bride – ‘The Angel and the Dark River’ CD
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