Necrofier – ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ Vinyl


‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ is a powerful release from Necrofier, a rising band in the blackened death metal genre. This intense album showcases the band’s ability to create fast-paced, aggressive compositions that blend intricate instrumentation, ferocious vocals, and darkly-themed lyrics. Fans of Necrofier’s previous work, as well as those interested in exploring the depths of blackened death metal, will appreciate the brutal compositions, fierce lyrics, and exceptional musicianship displayed on this album.

The tracks on ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ exemplify Necrofier’s signature blend of blackened death metal, characterized by thunderous drumming, blistering guitar riffs, and raw vocals. The band’s use of dark and ominous themes adds depth and brutality to the music, further immersing listeners in the album’s ferocious and chaotic world. Lyrically, ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ explores themes of death, chaos, and darkness, contributing to the confrontational atmosphere that permeates the entire release.

The musicianship on ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ is exceptional, with each member of Necrofier contributing to the album’s devastating sound. The intricate guitar solos, relentless drumming, and commanding bass lines create a complex and intense sonic experience that showcases the band’s enduring talent. The album’s production quality is noteworthy, ensuring that the various musical elements come together seamlessly for a well-balanced and polished presentation.

In conclusion, ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ is a compelling addition to Necrofier’s discography, demonstrating the band’s commitment to delivering unrelenting and aggressive blackened death metal. The combination of diverse musical elements, fierce lyrical themes, and remarkable musicianship make this album a must-have for fans and newcomers alike. If you are seeking an intense and immersive listening experience that delves deep into the ferocity and darkness of blackened death metal, Necrofier’s ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ is an album that should not be missed.

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United States of America


Black metal


Studio G


Joel Hamilton


Season of Mist


June 2nd, 2023




12-inch LP






Side A:

01. The Fall from Heaven
02. Total Southern Darkness
03. To the Wolves
04. Forbidden Light of the Black Moon
05. Destroying Angels

Side B:

01. Whispers That Burn in the Dark
02. The All Seeing Shadows
03. On Wings of Death We Burn the Sky
04. Call to the Beyond
05. Burnt by the Sacred Flame




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Necrofier - ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’
Necrofier – ‘Burning Shadows in the Southern Night’ Vinyl
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