Nevermore – ‘Dead Heart in a Dead World’ CD


Nevermore’s fourth studio album, ‘Dead Heart in a Dead World,’ is an excellent example of classic metal, with a unique sound that blends progressive and thrash elements to create a powerful and interesting listening experience. The album opens with an intro that captures the listener’s attention immediately, and then the first song, ‘Enemies of Reality,’ sets the tone for the just over an hour-long album.

The songs are very well written and arranged, with a great balance between lead guitar and rhythm sections. Jeff Loomis, the lead guitarist, does an excellent job of creating riffs that are both melodic and heavy, and Warrel Dane’s vocals are perfect for the music. The production on this album is also top-notch, giving the songs a nice, clear sound that’s both powerful and dynamic.

The lyrics are strong and meaningful, and each song has its own unique story. From the album’s title track, to ‘Inside Four Walls,’ to the closing track ‘No More Will,’ the lyrics tell a powerful story that’s sure to move the listener.

Overall, Dead Heart in a Dead World is an excellent album that stands out in the metal genre. It features well-written songs, great performances, and powerful lyrics that make for an enjoyable listening experience. It’s definitely worth picking up if you’re a fan of classic metal.

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United States of America


Progressive thrash metal


Village Productions


Andy Sneap


Century Media Records


October 17th, 2000




Compact Disk


01. Narcosynthesis
02. We Disintegrate
03. Inside Four Walls
04. Evolution 169
05. The River Dragon Has Come
06. The Heart Collector
07. Engines of Hate
08. The Sound of Silence
09. Insignificant
10. Believe in Nothing
11. Dead Heart in a Dead World




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Nevermore – ‘Dead Heart in a Dead World’
Nevermore – ‘Dead Heart in a Dead World’ CD
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