Oceans – ‘The Sun and the Cold’ CD


Oceans is an apt name for a band with vast scope and constantly shifting sound. The German-Austrian band’s early material was so impressive that they got signed before they would play a show, and they have been creating a salt-tinged buzz ever since.

Having shown their promise on their excellent ‘Into The Void’ EP, debut full-length ‘The Sun And The Cold’ is a hugely ambitious work that arrives fully formed. The title-track sets sail with post-rock swirls, black metal picking, and even the odd pneumatic nu-metal riff muscling its way in. And as the album progresses, they bring abrasive death metal and dark gothic sweeps, along with accessible Linkin Park-style hooks.

These ingredients should not all fit together quite as well as they do, and yet somehow, the evocative atmosphere and visceral aggression come together to form a near-perfect storm.

Oceans have serious ambition, and this stunning debut is just the start of achieving it.

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January 10th, 2020




Doom Metal




Compact Disk




Disc One:
01. The Sun And The Cold
02. We Are The Storm
03. Dark
04. Paralyzed
05. Take The Crown
06. Shadows
07. Legions Arise
08. Polaris
09. Truth Served Force Fed
10. Water Rising
11. Hope
12. We Are The Storm (Radio edit)
13. Polaris (Born Free-Remix)
14. Polaris (Don't Breathe-Remix)

Disc Two:
01. Into The Void
02. Icarus
03. Scars
04. The Sound Of Your Voice
05. The Last Day On Earth (MARILYN MANSON Cover)
06. Scars To Your Beautiful [feat. Anna Murphy] (ALESSIA CARA Cover)
07. My Own Summer (Shove It) (DEFTONES Cover)
08. Creep (RADIOHEAD Cover)
09. Would (ALICE IN CHAINS Cover)




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Oceans - ‘The Sun and the Cold’ CD
Oceans – ‘The Sun and the Cold’ CD
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