Old Man’s Child – ‘Slaves of the World’ CD


Old Man’s Child’s eighth studio album ‘Slaves of The World’ is an ambitious and powerful record that is sure to please both fans of the band and lovers of extreme metal music. From start to finish, this album is filled with intense guitar riffs and drumming, as well as soaring vocals from lead singer Galder.

The opening track ‘Slaves of The World’ sets the tone for the album, with a fast and furious rhythm that keeps the listener engaged throughout the whole song. This track is sure to please fans of the band, as it showcases the band’s signature style of melodic black metal. ‘Saviours of Doom’ follows, and is a slower, more brooding track that perfectly captures the darker side of Old Man’s Child.

The following track ‘The Crimson Meadows’ is a dark and menacing track that features intense thrash guitar riffs and an epic chorus. The guitars and drums blend together perfectly, creating an atmosphere of both aggression and despair. ‘On the Devil’s Throne’ is another track that showcases the band’s ability to craft intense and complex songs. The track is filled with intricate guitar riffs and heavy drumming, as well as Galder’s haunting vocal performance.

Overall, ‘Slaves of the World’ is a unique and powerful album that showcases the band’s ability to craft technical and melodic extreme metal. The tracks are all intense and memorable, and each one brings something unique to the table. This album is sure to please fans of the band, as well as fans of extreme metal in general.

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Old Man’s Child




Melodic black metal


Studio Fredman


Fredrik Nordström


Century Media Records


May 18th, 2009




Compact Disk


01. Slaves of the World
02. Saviours of Doom
03. The Crimson Meadows
04. Unholy Foreign Crusade
05. Path of Destruction
06. The Spawn of Lost Creation
07. On the Devil's Throne
08. Ferden Mot Fienden's Land
09. Servants of Satan's Monastery




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Old Man’s Child – ‘Slaves of the World’
Old Man’s Child – ‘Slaves of the World’ CD
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