Opera IX – ‘Sacro Culto’ Vinyl

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Opera IX are a symphonic black metal band formed in Italy by guitarist Ossian and released their debut album ‘The Call of the Wood’ in 1995, and over subsequent years have become regarded as one of the most revered and important Italian bands of the genre.

The band’s sound is an eclectic concoction, moving beyond straight-forward black metal, mixing elements of thrash, doom and death metal with symphonic elements, even folk influences. Opera IX is known for their strong occult themes blended with topics of paganism, and are also known for being one of the first examples of a black metal band with a female vocalist.

On ‘Sacro Culto’, lead singer Cadaveria employed more melodic vocal experimentation with almost operatic passages sitting alongside the trademark black metal style, whilst further evolving the central themes of occultism and paganism.

Presented on the vinyl format for the first time (double gatefold lp).

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Black Metal


27th May, 2022




Side A

01. The Oak [10:40]
02. Fronds Of The Ancient Walnut [12:25]

Side B

01. The Naked & The Dance [08:21]
02. Cimmeries [12:42]

Side C

01. My Devotion [14:59]

Side D

01. Under The Sign Of The Red Dragon [11:18]


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Opera IX – ‘Sacro Culto’ Vinyl
Opera IX – ‘Sacro Culto’ Vinyl
Price: $19.19 USD