Powerwolf – ‘The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event’ Double Vinyl


Powerwolf has stood at the peak of superlative, epic metal moments for years, but what they present with this streaming event surpasses anything seen before. After months of detailed work, a story was crafted and presented in several chapters based on the stunning music and elaborately staged cinematic scenes. All show effects, actors and stage settings work hand in hand with each other and bring the medium of live music to a level never seen before. From battles with clergy to stories of nuns, monks and burning angels, cinematic images immediately capture the viewer.

Each song has its own stunning set designed and is perfectly staged, the production and size alone are unparalleled. One live premiere of a Powerwolf classic follows the next, one after another, all with impressively produced sound design. With fan favourites ‘Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend,’ ‘Beast Of Gévaudan,’ and top radio hit of their last studio album ‘Dancing With The Dead,’ with the help of numerous actors, the Wolves artistically portray screenplays of their original music videos.

One of many highlights of the show is Falk Maria Schlegel’s bombastic pyro organ, which spits fire with each single keystroke during songs like ‘Fire And Forgive’ and ‘Amen & Attack.’ On ‘Cardinal Sin,’ singer Attila Dorn pushes a self-deprecating cardinal back into the fire. At the same time, in the ballad ‘Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone,’ snow falls on the fire-dominated scenery. Through all four chapters – ‘Temptation, Sin, Confession and Forgiveness’ – the Wolves create a high-quality pyrotechnics display, often flickering discreetly in the background while other times engulfing the scene in massive, awe-inspiring light.

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Power Metal


Napalm Records


April 7th, 2022




Double Vinyl








Side A:

01. Prologue / Monumental Mass Theme (The Monumental Mass)
02. Faster Than the Flame (The Monumental Mass)
03. Venom of Venus (The Monumental Mass)
04. Stossgebet (The Monumental Mass)
05. Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend (The Monumental Mass)
06. Monumental Mass Theme – Sin (The Monumental Mass)
07. Dancing with the Dead (The Monumental Mass)
08. Cardinal Sin (The Monumental Mass)
09. Resurrection by Erection (The Monumental Mass)
10. We Drink Your Blood (The Monumental Mass)
11. Glaubenskraft (The Monumental Mass)

Side B:

01. Monumental Mass Theme – Confession (The Monumental Mass)
02. Fire & Forgive (The Monumental Mass)
03. Beast of Gévaudan (The Monumental Mass)
04. Incense & Iron (The Monumental Mass)
05. Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone (The Monumental Mass)
06. Monumental Mass Theme – Forgiveness (The Monumental Mass)
07. Amen & Attack (The Monumental Mass)
08. Army of the Night (The Monumental Mass)
09. Blood for Blood (Faoladh) (The Monumental Mass)
10. Armata Strigoi (The Monumental Mass)
11. Epilogue / Monumental Mass Theme (The Monumental Mass)




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Powerwolf - ‘The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event’ CD
Powerwolf – ‘The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event’ Double Vinyl
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