Thy Antichrist – ‘Wrath of the Beast’ Vinyl


Just when you thought you had seen and heard everything, Thy Antichrist shows up.

The North American-based Colombian Black Metallers have been building a substantial fan base around the world since 1998. They are now thirsting to escape the clutches of the underground.

Their appearance at the 2015 edition of the 70.000 Tons Of Metal cruise speaks volumes about their efforts towards this goal. Their previous releases are held in high esteem by European experts.

Thy Antichrist music and performance are unique to the Black Metal genre, especially for the new album. The band has handcrafted a sui generis style into the live performance and music, respecting the old traditional metal influence of different metal genres such as thrash metal, heavy metal, death metal, and of course, the Black Metal touch.

Now it is time for ‘Wrath Of The Beast!’ Icy guitar cascades with a distinctive Scandinavian black metal character melt into thrashy nuances and progressive insanity generally reserved for the legendary Voivod. Pure dissonance and seething fury meet experimental songwriting, and the end result is a blasphemous gem!

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Dimensions 12.32 × 12.32 × 0.31 in



Thy Antichrist




Black Metal


Napalm Records


February 23, 2018


Gatefold Vinyl




01. Desolation
02. Metal to the Bone
03. The Great Beast
04. A World Burnt To Ashes
05. No Place Like Hell
06. Nightmares
07. Crown of Lies
08. Skeletons of Disgrace
09. Walking Through The Soul
10. The Last Breath (Instrumental Outro)




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Thy Antichrist - ‘Wrath of the Beast’
Thy Antichrist – ‘Wrath of the Beast’ Vinyl
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