Venom – ‘In Nomine Satanas (The Neat Anthology)’

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In order to truly commemorate four decades of pure venomous evil, BMG made it happen with a 2CD special compilation book, titled ‘In Nomine Satanas’, summarizing the classic years of Venom’s original lineup: Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon, in their Neat Records years, dating between 1980 to 1986

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Thrash Metal


January 31st, 2020


Jewel case compact disc


Disc One:

01. Welcome To Hell
02. Angel Dust
03. In League With Satan
04. In Nomine Satanas
05. One Thousand Days In Sodom
06. Bloodlust
07. Black Metal
08. Buried Alive
09. Countess Bathory
10. Teachers Pet
11. At War With Satan (Intro)
12. Die Hard
13. Stand Up (And Be Counted)
14. Women, Leather And Hell
15. Warhead
16. Lady Lust
17. Woman
18. Manitou
19. Satanachist
20. Too Loud (For The Crowd)
21. Possessed
22. Nightmare

Disc Two:

01. Sons Of Satan (demo)
02. Raise The Dead (demo)
03. Red Light Fever (demo)
04. Live Like An Angel (demo)
05. F.O.A.D.
06. Chanting Of The Priests (live)
07. Sadist (Mistress Of The Whip)
08. Witching Hour (live)
09. Dead Of Nite
10. Acid Queen
11. Bursting Out
12. Bitch Witch
13. 7 Gates Of Hell
14. Dead On Arrival
15. Hounds Of Hell
16. Schizo (live)
17. Leave Me In Hell
18. Senile Decay (Outtake)
19. Snot’s Shit
20. Aaaaarrghh
21. Venom


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Venom - ‘In Nomine Satanas (The Neat Anthology)’
Venom – ‘In Nomine Satanas (The Neat Anthology)’
Price: $15.59 USD