Vital Remains – ‘Dechristianize’ CD


The extreme metal band, Vital Remains, released their fifth album, ‘Dechristianize,’ in 2003. This album, along with its predecessor, ‘Forever Underground,’ showcased the band’s unique blend of death metal and black metal and is a key example of their signature sound.

Vital Remains’ blend of extreme metal is an interesting mix of the two genres, which are often thought of as diametrically opposed. The death metal side of the band features fast-paced drums and guttural vocals, while the black metal side adds elements of technicality, speed, and atmosphere. This combination creates a powerful and intense sound that captures the listener’s attention from the very beginning.

The lyrics of Dechristianize are not particularly original, but they serve as a perfect vehicle for the band’s vitriolic message. The album’s title track, for instance, proclaims the importance of breaking away from the chains of religion and embracing a new, more personal freedom. The lyrics of other songs, such as “Devoured Elysium” and “Rush of Deliverance”, also focus on themes of destruction and death.

The musicianship of the band is simply outstanding. Every instrument is played to perfection and the overall sound is flawless. The drums, played by Paul Flynn, provide a powerful backbone to the music and the guitar work of Tony Lazaro and Glenn Benton is simply phenomenal. The solos are creative and memorable, while the riffs are heavy and aggressive. The bass, played by Steve Tucker, is also impressive, adding depth and groove to the mix.

In conclusion, ‘Dechristianize’ is an impressive example of extreme metal done right. The combination of death metal and black metal elements works surprisingly well, creating an intense and powerful sound. Furthermore, the musicianship is top-notch and the lyrics serve as a perfect vehicle for the band’s message. All in all, this album is a must for any fan of extreme metal.

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Vital Remains


United States of America


Death metal


Morrisound Recording


Vital Remains


Century Media Records


August 22nd, 2003




Compact Disk


01. Let the Killing Begin
02. Dechristianize
03. Infidel
04. Devoured Elysium
05. Savior to None… Failure for All…
06. Unleashed Hell
07. Rush of Deliverance
08. At War with God
09. Entwined by Vengeance




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Vital Remains – ‘Dechristianize’
Vital Remains – ‘Dechristianize’ CD
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