Xasthur – ‘Inevitably Dark’ Vinyl


Xasthur’s album ‘Inevitably Dark’ is a haunting and atmospheric journey into the depths of depressive black metal. This North-American one-man project delivers a desolate and introspective listening experience that immerses listeners in a world of darkness and despair. ‘Inevitably Dark’ stands as a testament to Xasthur’s ability to create atmospheric soundscapes that evoke a sense of bleakness and emotional turmoil.

‘Inevitably Dark’ captures the atmospheric beauty and rawness of Xasthur’s music. The album’s sound is raw, bleak, and meticulously crafted, allowing the haunting melodies and atmospheric layers to unfold in a desolate sonic landscape. The production enhances the emotional impact and atmospheric depth of the compositions, creating an immersive experience that reflects the essence of Xasthur’s vision. From the agonizing vocals to the melancholic melodies, ‘Inevitably Dark’ is a testament to Xasthur’s ability to create a chilling and emotionally charged sonic journey.

Xasthur’s ‘Inevitably Dark’ is a haunting and introspective album that immerses listeners in a world of despair and emotional turmoil. With its blend of depressive black metal, atmospheric textures, and introspective lyrics, the album offers a desolate and emotionally intense listening experience. ‘Inevitably Dark’ stands as a testament to Xasthur’s ability to create atmospheric soundscapes that delve into the depths of human emotion. It invites listeners to embrace the abyss and confront the haunting beauty found within darkness.

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United States of America


Depressive black metal


Scott Conner Studio


Scott Conner


Prophecy Productions


June 23rd, 2023




12-inch LP






Side A:

01. Affect/Infect
02. A Future to Fear II
03. Psychiatric Carelessness
04. Euphoric Bad Trip
05. Live Like a Broken Mirror

Side B:

01. Trauma Fiends
02. Abandoned Intuition
03. Concrete Mattress
04. I'm Not Guilty of Your Past
05. Another Gutter

Side C:

01. Inevitably Dark
02. Spectrum of Hate
03. Benefits of Dying Part 2

Side D:

01. Mirroring Failure
02. Overdose on Diversions
03. Worse Than the Good Old Days
04. Blizzard Inside a Coma
05. Hellrot




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Avoid playing the same record too frequently, as this can wear down the grooves and affect sound quality over time.


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Xasthur – ‘Inevitably Dark’
Xasthur – ‘Inevitably Dark’ Vinyl
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