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Admittedly, women are the superior race even in this Steampunk setting at the end of the century. Lady Mechanika and her protégée Winifred (commonly called Fred) make fast friends with Akina and her Desert Wraiths. There is no need for the typical...

Lady Mechanika is a Steampunk inspired story set in an alternate Victorian era. It is created, written, and illustrated by Joe Benitez, who credits the cosplayers at comic book conventions for inspiring him to create the book. Their Victorian style...

Lady Mechanika - The Tablet of Destinies #0

If you have ever wanted to check out the world of Steampunk, this comic book is definitely for you. It blends stunning artwork with very smart writing, along with a glimpse into the world of Steampunk, villains, and an antagonist who fits very much...