Nepal Deathfest unleashed Defiled onstage

As the loud sounds of distorted guitars and blasting drums along with growls were released, the young crowd set themselves free. This was the Nude Terror effect and the crowd was going wild at Barossa Lounge in Hattisar on January 10th. Youngsters started to jump up and down in a circle, deliberately pushing and colliding with each other violently. It looked like they were fighting but they were enjoying themselves with the music that was being performed. It was moshing (a style of dance) and they unleashed energy and aggression during the process. Whenever anybody fell while moshing, somebody gave a hand to pick him or her up.

Originals like ‘Personality Disorder’, ‘Jugaa’, ‘Banana Song’ came across in high voltage and one or two others joined the moshing mob by every performance. Meanwhile, there were more people at the venue who were headbanging to the music.

That was the scene of the second day of the second edition of Nepal Deathfest 2015 — festival of extreme metal music. The two-day-festival, organised by Vishal Rai and Zivon Gurung, started on January 9th. It was a marathon of extreme metal music with a national and international artists lineup. Bands like Defiled (Japan), Ugrakarma (Nepal) and Malapetaka (Malaysia) among others killed it on January 9th while Smallpox Aroma (Thailand), Dying Out Flame (Nepal) and Nude Terror (Nepal) among others thrashed the venue the next day. Fun, brotherhood and support of metal music along with music came across at the festival.

“It is a gathering of metal music scene,” shared James Rai about the festival who had come from Dharan. “It is much-awaited concert. I had been waiting for it for the last five to six months.” Waiting was worth it as the festival was “awesome because I love moshing”.

Awisekh Kaiser Pradhan was another audience who came from Darjeeling to “support the festival and the metal music”. For Monica Gurung, it was all about “unleashing energy, aggression and rage. But it doesn’t mean you hurt someone, you enjoy yourself” while moshing in the feel of music. She enjoyed a lot on the second day of the festival. She is also one of the vocalists for Dying Out Flame.

At Nepal Deathfest, Bishal Pradhan and Anil Limbu of Nude Terror had a blast as one of the performers and audience. “The festival is like a family for us. The crowd is like a family supporting us every time,” Bishal Pradhan shared. The support they received from them is all the fun along with the opportunity to play their music. Anil Limbu added, “We are an underground band. We have lesser fans who are like friends and we got to cater them fun.”

Listening to Nude Terror, Pasang Moktan became a fan. Nepal Deathfest was his first-hand experience of metal music and he says he will continue listening to it. “I liked the amazing speed of this band’s music. I felt some energy and power generating in me, listening to it. I felt the urge to participate in moshing,” he cited. He was amazed by the unity and brotherhood displayed in the mosh pit.


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