Lady Mechanika – The Tablet of Destinies #1

Lady Mechanika is a Steampunk inspired story set in an alternate Victorian era. It is created, written, and illustrated by Joe Benitez, who credits the cosplayers at comic book conventions for inspiring him to create the book. Their Victorian style, Steampunk fashions (gowns, corsets, petticoats, parasols, goggles, monocles, and top hats) paired with 19th-century gadgets that appear to be from that era are what got Joe Benitez’s creative spirits flowing. In Issue #0, he explained, “I dug the elegance [of their costumes] combined with the sci-fi twist.” After sketching many cosplayers and characters from the cons, Joe Benitez began developing and designing one of the hottest creator-owned comics on stands today.

Lady Mechanika - The Tablet of Destinies #0

Lady Mechanika – The Tablet of Destinies #0

If you have ever wanted to check out the world of Steampunk, this comic book is definitely for you. It blends stunning artwork with very smart writing, along with a glimpse into the world of Steampunk, villains, and an antagonist who fits very much the title of the comic book. It reads matching a detective comic book as we follow our mechanical heroine through some unbelievable circumstances as she searches for the truth behind the emergence of another mechanical girl. If that sort of thing intrigues you, then you have come to the right place.

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