Skull Drip Canisters

£30.10 include VAT

Canister set, this listing is for tea, coffee and sugar kitchen storage containers.

Each of these items is lovingly hand painted, glazed and fired by myself in my home workshop.

As each item is painted by hand, no two pieces will ever be the same. Making each item completely individual and one of a kind.

This design is made up of different sized skulls painted in black on a white background.

Bold white writing on a black background show which pot holds tea, coffee or sugar.

Black paint is then added in a drip effect finishing off the unique design.

The canisters each come with a rubber seal to keep it’s contents fresh.

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Black, and white


100% porcelain


Dishwasher proof, however handwashing is recommended. Please remove rubber seal before washing to prolong seals effectivness.


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