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Froda’s Dragon-Tooth Pendant

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Proof positive of the former existence and the subsequent demise, under Froda’s battle sword, of a thunderous Scandinavian dragon, a tooth from which was pulled and engraved with the evil beast’s likeness. The back of the tooth is carved with a typically Viking depiction of the hero Froda. An antiqued and partially polished dragon’s tooth pendant, engraved with a knotwork dragon in Viking-Celtic style, and the reverse carved with the Viking hero’s head. On a black 21″ (53cm) curb chain plus a 1 ½” extender chain.

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H: 53mm (2.09") W: 23mm (0.91") D: 13mm (0.51") Weight: 35g (1.23oz)




Lead, cadmium, and nickel compliant

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