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Affiance Watch

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A chronicitous confection of passion and promise in crystal and metal, bound by a corded unity knot to symbolise an oath of fidelity.

Affiance: fifteenth-century Old French; “promise, entrust”. An elaborate and delicate looking wrist watch with a black braid synthetic strap, interwoven with the polished pewter scrollwork frame which is studded with four clear and two red heart Swarovski crystals. The watch face is ¾” (20mm) dia, and the strap ends are also pewter with a spring catch and 1 ½” extender chain fastener; from 7″ (18cm) to 8 ¼” (21cm) circumference.

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H: 170mm (6.69") W: 40mm (1.57") D: 13mm (0.51") Weight: 43g (1.52oz)




Lead, cadmium, and nickel compliant

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