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So you have bought that new Smart TV, or tablet, and you are wondering what to do with them. There are a lot of choices now of sites and their apps you will try out to get your media with Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and new ones every day. Some services want you to pay a membership fee, and then you are given access to a tier or level of titles, and a higher fee gives access to more. Amazon Video is a little different so far. You can get almost everything free to view anytime you want just by being a member of the Amazon Prime services that have an annual fee, and already provide people with many benefits. Or you can simply pay to play, or buy and play anytime.

Today’s Amazon Video is slowly building a library of the shows you like to watch, and making that all available to you wherever you are. Most of the best shows are free to watch the first episode or more, and most of the shows are completely included with Amazon Prime. Now is the time to start thinking about what you pay for, and what you really do not need anymore. With more, and more great options coming everyday from these fantastic low cost streaming sites there are just so many ways to save.

With amazing new Amazon Original series taking the lead like the very funny Catastrophe that tells the tale of an American man Rob played by Rob Delaney in London for a business trip meets, and proceeds to knock up Sharon, a young Irish woman just out for a good night played by Sharon Horgan. The two main characters are extremely well developed, with both of them bringing crazy family and friends into the mix from all over. This silly story that happens to people all the time is full of dry wit, and jokes that will take the whole episode to play out only to deliver the best laughs when your guard is down.

Of course I have to mention Bosch the very well developed mystery drama series that has just finished it’s second season also. Bosch is a very strong show that delivers excellent levels of entertainment in each episode. For more on Bosch please have a look at my recent review posted here: Bosch an Amazon Original

The Man in the High Tower is great for a twisted ride in an alternate reality. In a world that is very much like our own only in this world the Allies lost the second world war to the Axis forces of Germany and Japan so here North America and most of the world for that matter has been divided between the two new powers that control everything. Though that is fun on it is own there is a secret only known to a few. Somehow there are newsreels appearing that show a world in which The Axis forces were in fact defeated. These newsreels are found by the stories main leads who try to find a way of getting them to The Man in the High Tower who is said to be using them to help build a strong resistance that will one day make things right. A thrilling adventure that is complete in it’s single season with a very solid and possibly surprising ending. However a second season has been picked up, and I am certain it will be something special if the first season was anything to go on.

A bit stranger yet is Hand of God starring Ron Perlman, who you may remember from just about anything. A very powerful but incredibly corrupt judge one day just snaps. We are lead on the journey with Ron Perlman’s character as he tries to remember just what happened to him, all while trying to understand this feeling he has that he has been touched by the very Hand of God and that he has been put on a new path which he tries to stay on as his staff, and family try to deal with the change. Ron Perlman’s character’s son is in a coma that he believes he can get him to wake from if he just follows what this voice or these voices are telling him to do. Very interesting to watch with a great cast. This story will keep you wondering if the judge has changed, been changed, or if he even has it in him to change.

Mozart in the Jungle is a series I did not get into right away. I waited until both of the first two seasons were out before I got started watching this troupe come together, and fall apart. From a pilot written by Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, and Alex Timbers we get the story of the New York Philharmonic just as they are about to transition to a new conductor played by Gael García Bernal who is being handed the baton from the not so ready to leave Mystro of the moment played by Malcolm McDowell. A funny show with some real connections and a lot of great characters throughout the orchestras well as the friends, and family we meet along the way.

This year we were given a remake of the Sky’s Mad Dogs. A great series that is now just as good only more westernized. The idea is these four friends who have lost touch are brought together to a tropical country in this case Belize, at the home of their old friend who proceeds to tell them he has put all of his assets in their names, and then is killed in a very suspicious and scary way. This leaves our four to try not to be arrested for his murder, and other things that pop up to keep our group off balance from start to very fast finish. The Sky version went for forth seasons so I would bet we will see at least two more here.

Alphas is another Amazon Original program. This is the story of four twenty somethings fresh out of school, and trying to create then market the ultimate algorithm, and the people who try to steal it for themselves or who are just looking for a free ride. A lot like Silicon Valley from HBO really just not quite as wild and zany.

I am personally waiting for more Transparent before I binge my way through but most folks are really enjoying it, and a third season is in the works.

I am a fan of Veep, but I have not tried Alpha House yet. John Goodman, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy and Mark Consuelos are United States senators who share a house. The reviews have been great and I am looking forward to binging this also. Another I have not yet blown through is Red Oaks a comedy for the whole family. Staring the very funny young Craig Roberts as a teen boy growing up in the eighties when every movie was telling you that to be happy you had to lose your virginity, or be promiscuous in that eighties way.

Amazon Video has also taken a great show Ripper Street, and helped bring us more. The 4th season would not have happened if not for Amazon, and it was really worth watching. With Reid returning to London, and there is a chance that the real murderer will finally be brought to light, and real justice. All the while our Long Susan is still hiding out in the shadows on the run from the noose. While her husband is forced to help the great inspector Reid back to doing what he does best.

There are new shows coming as well Jack Ryan, The Last Tycoon, Z: The Beginning of Everything, One Mississippi, A show about motoring, and an untitled Woody Allen project are all in the works as well as a few other shows like Ripper Street that they are creating further content for to continue something good.

Plenty for kids also with kid themed shows from around the world, and movies that are perfect for any age range. All the best from Nickelodeon, and PBS as well as many more. As a parent you will be glad to know you have full parental control over what they can or cannot just sign in and watch.

These are the current lineup of Original programs brought to us by Amazon, and there are many more that Amazon has brought together from other sources. Nearly the entire Stars, FX, BBC and HBO lists are available to go back through. Almost everything has the first show free so there is no reason not to test the system out. The best of TV is now becoming available in the best of places. Have a look at all the content and then think about if you even need cable anymore. You can rent or own nearly all of the content. If you rent it you can only watch it for a set amount of time then it is gone, and if you buy you will have access to that show from any device you use wherever you are. The returns are easy, and in most cases will be done without question.

You may not get access to all shows in your region as there are protections in place by your government to ensure you are provided with an ample amount of home grown shows, but a good VPN might just take care of that for you.

So if you like drama, action, suspense, intrigue, adventure and comedy or if you are looking to just relax with a good movie. The Amazon Video App might be the place for you. Please comment to let me know if this works where you are or any good and bad experiences you might have had with this or any streaming services. The more we share with each other the better all of our lives will be.


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