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Creating Experiences in Dark Tourism

The phenomenon of Dark Tourism travel undertaken to visit places associated with death or suffering, also called black tourism or grief tourism.


Isla Gorgona –
Chills Down the Spine

An island located outside of the Colombian Pacific Coast, surrounded by deadly sharks, and poisonous creatures have become the predilect place to settle a prison for highly criticised crimes.

A prison in which its colossal structure only transpired the level of suffering its inhabitants endured.


Armero, Doomed to Disappear –

On November 13th, 1985, history changed dramatically for this town when a pyroclastic avalanche destroyed everything at its pass, including the hope and life of nearly 25.000 people.


Salto de Tequendama
– Death by Nature

This 170 meters waterfall has marked this country’s history as well as dozens of families that had lost their loved ones.


The Ghostly…
Cementerio Central –

Once in, the chilling sensation increases and the admiration for the site, as during the daytime, is it genuinely majestic, but once dawn comes, the feeling turns overwhelmingly dark and sinister.

Walking between mausoleums and tombs is terrifying, as one hears children playing, whispers increasing as the city surrounding the graveyard goes silent.


La Jagua –
Synonym of Witches

The story tells that La Jagua, located in Huila, concentrates all kinds of artefacts and witchcrafts. The murder in the central square of a so-called “witch” more than a century ago unfurled a chain of unexplainable events in there.

To this present day, some inhabitants believe that the witchcraft culture will disappear with the passing of the last two women that still are considered practising witches. Still, the mysticism remains in this 400-year-old town.


Castillo de la Alboraya, Centuries of Mysteries –

Little is known about this place in Barranquilla, not because it is not noticeable, but because the terror of just mentioned it and all the occurrences that took place in there for centuries, causes mistrust and uncertainty to their neighbours.

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