Behemoth event suspicions are raised in Colombia

Behemoth event suspicions are raised in Colombia

During my morning routine, between black coffee and news feeds, I came across with an event that seemingly started to be promoted in September, 2014. Believing we are already in November, 2014, it made me question what kind of “promotion” has actually been executed for this live show…

Polish blackened death colossus Behemoth, will be invading Colombia on November 18th at Teatro Metropol. Disgracefully, this event has been so successfully promoted that during my walk through Bogota – one the of the major cities in the country – not once I have seen a poster announcing it, neither did I got to cognize about the event until earlier this evening, by utter coincidence. Candidly talking, the promoting agency Blackline America Corporation responsible for this event seems to be quite unknown as well.

Judging by both official Facebook Event and their Facebook Page, the reaction to the coming of the grand Behemoth appears to fall into the pits of nostalgia, where lack of proper promotion meets fewer attendance as a result. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it all depends the way you may interpret, not only I got to know that Behemoth was to perform live in Colombia only today, as my local contacts were too unaware of the event until yesterday. This eight days before they go on stage, with which supporting acts? We are yet to know.

Speaking about Adam Darski who recently followed a new side venture, not musical as one should expect, nonetheless, more at a fashionable level; he opened a barbershop called Barberian, which is situated in Warsaw, Poland. And it seems that his new venture is drawing in a bunch of bearded beasts.

To reckon is that Behemoth in October, 2014, finished touring their home country. A tour that had eight flawless dates without incidents and were massively attended; most shows were totally sold out. Just one show was subject of some controversy and ended up being called off due to religious agitations.

[blockquote cite=”Adam Darski”]We are seriously worn out. Why? We gave our very fuckin’ best to deliver the highest quality performance during these 8 shows. I dare to say that this band has never been in a better shape. On every possible level we reached our top… now let us enjoy the view for a moment. All shows went absolutely brilliantly and for many reasons ‘The Satanist’ tour has already earned its place as a massive historical achievement for Behemoth! We are taking few weeks off now before flying to South America and South Africa in November/December. In the meantime, we are planning seriously thrilling surprises for you… just wait and see![/blockquote]

This November 1st, 2014, Behemoth released their new studio record, a 12” vinyl EP entitled ‘Xiadz’. The EP is stringently limited to 2,000 copies worldwide, hand numbered, and is delivered in three vinyl colors:

  • Black (limited to 500 copies)
  • Gold (limited to 500 copies)
  • Black-gold splatter (limited to 1,000 copies)

The EP contains previously unreleased songs from ‘The Satanist’ recording session, and also ‘Towards The Dying Sun We March’ from the ‘Evangelion’ session, this not to mention a re-recorded version of ‘Moonspell Rites’.

Behemoth announced their second European tour as backing for their latest release, ‘The Satanist’, and will be on the road starting April 11th, 2015, in Austria. In total, they will be performing live in fifteen shows across Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Czech Republic on their The European Satanist Tour 2015 – Part II.

[blockquote cite=”Adam Darski”]We are already eagerly awaiting our Second Coming to European shores in spring 2015! We are teaming up for this run with one of the most exciting extreme metal acts – Bolzer. A two week trek will cover places and countries we never managed to cover with the first leg of the tour. Expect the best! We’ve never been in a better shape and we’re gonna prove that once again![/blockquote]

‘The Satanist’ debuted at #1 during its week of release in Poland. The album also debuted at #34 on the Billboard Top 200 charts in the United States, 21 spots higher than the Behemoth’s previous album, ‘Evangelion’.

In which regards to their upcoming and badly promoted show in Colombia, it will eventually take place on November 18th, at Teatro Metropol around 04:00 pm. The current cost for the ticket is about the ridiculous sum of $110,000 COP (roughly 43 Euros, or $ 53,00 USD), if you can afford to pay to pick up what seems to be a one single band performing live and feel pleased… Thither are many incompatibilities with this event that raises my eyebrow, mostly due to lack of transparency. After some careful research I wasn’t able to get one single flyer or proper concert poster published anywhere, and whence I confronted the promoters, I was choked up and the statement I published on their wall was therefore, deleted. Likewise the lack of information regarding the entire event, I haven’t seen any mention coming from Behemoth that announces a show in Colombia. Articles online with information regarding this event is close to nothing and all merely limited to the local press.

I would strongly advise the Colombian metalheads to search any deeper for transparent information or invest their money on Festival Del Diablo, which features headliners Carcass alongside with Brujería and Inquisition, besides a few others more. In total, Festival Del Diablo will gather on stage seven bands and the ticket pricing to the festival is near enough to Behemoth, which should be spent wisely.

In the meanwhile, I will try as always, to reach Behemoth and ask for the veracity of this event and if they have anything to add regarding such matters.


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