Moonspell tour cancelled due to Cronos Entertainment

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Portuguese obscure dramaturgs Moonspell — that had outlined June 3rd and 4th to spread their ailerons through Bogotá and Medellín respectively — have recently made a formal public statement concerning the cancellation of their twenty-fifth anniversary South American tour that was expected to take place throughout June and July 2017. Moonspell had twenty dates booked by Cronos Entertainment across South America, and have now ultimately warned other musical acts and event organisers not to work with or be associated either with Caio Schramm independently, or through his agency.

While publishing a press release issued yesterday by the Lusitanian quintet through their official Facebook page, the act publically holds Brazilian event organising agency Cronos Entertainment’s representative, Caio Schramm responsible for the inescapable cancellation of this special event. This is all down to his utter professional deficiency and untruthfulness while failing to meet their touring behests, as well as concealing additional information considered vital for them to partake in such events. This lead Moonspell to reconsider the probability and the hazard of placing themselves in a situation that would be out of their dominance. Therefore, they immediately declared the cancellation of said event taking into consideration the absence of proper venue promotion, in addition to advanced ticket sales which were not made available in such countries as Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Fernando Ribeiro — the singer and lyricist of Moonspell — has reinforced the act’s statement earlier this morning, by confirming the veracity of the press release in its entirely to Portuguese newspaper, Correio da Manhã, which internationally positioned Cronos Entertainment in the crossfire after they issued a second statement attesting the reasons prior to the cancellation and its foundations.

Such claims sustain the fact that overdue fees were unpaid despite deadlines which were initially established and agreed upon by both parties involved. Unpaid dues were constantly rescheduled and no further technical information regarding live venues were disclosed to Moonspell as performers. To worsen the situation, flights were not booked as previously agreed neither flights were arranged between countries nor proper working visas for countries that demand it as a requirement. Venue date reschedules or new bookings were never confirmed to Moonspell as well as the promotional side of the event which was also compromised, after all, Moonspell stated that said promotion of live performances was nonexistent, which from a practical point of view, brings a negative impact regarding ticket sales. Furthermore, a total of fourteen dates appeared to be unscheduled, unconfirmed or wholly secured venues by the organiser.

Moonspell strengthened their justification in a righteous manner by also divulging that no final tour dates nor additional dates had presage or official press releases for several countries, neither did they acquire additional confirmation from anyone, merely wholehearted feedback online and scarce disregard toward their legion of aficionados from the organiser, regarding their unanswered questions.

The Portuguese band comprehensibly communicated beforehand with Cronos Entertainment, and said that they would cancel the tour if none of their requirements were met, and if present conditions remained with the lapses in organization there would be a reason to cancel.

On the other hand, and in a public statement through his personal Facebook profile, Caio Schramm wrote that he is uncertain why the tour was cancelled and the reasons behind it, and suggested that Cronos Entertainment has suffered a significant tribulation regarding financial loss and that his agency still has the will to see it through — what he called — a sense of dignity. Regrettably, he also manifested his dissatisfaction toward “despicable people that take advantage of how vulnerable someone facing personal difficulties can be which makes the situation even worse with deceit and accusations.”

When approached in an endeavour to share Moonspell’s public statement, Caio Schramm swiftly removed the share from his personal profile, prior to setting his Cronos Entertainment official Facebook page to private. Lamentably, this is not the first time that Caio Schramm operating under the name of Cronos Entertainment, has run into trouble with other international acts. It is known that Cronos Entertainment as of late, has been committing rather controversial last-minute cancellations which recently — aside from Moonspell — involved Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels, a cancellation which also spawned weighty uproar with the Festival Abril Pro Rock organisation. Festival Abril Pro Rock was held from April 28th to 29th, 2017, in Pernambuco, Brazil and Suicidal Angels were to be one of the pre-eminent headliners. Suicidal Angels on their behalf stated at the time that the reasons for their cancellation were due to lack of information as well as scantiness of commitment from the part of Cronos Entertainment — as well as seriousness — to meet their stipulations and overdue payment in order to perform through South America — a statement that confirms the accusations and concerns publicly reaffirmed by Moonspell.

Ever since, Cronos Entertainment’s acolytes have somehow expressed their support toward Caio Schramm and his movements as an agency, which clearly raises some unsettling questions regarding the Brazilian unawareness to his controversial business strategy with international acts, besides the darkened penumbra he lays over the Brazilian scene as an event organiser.

Moonspell’s South American tour was due to commence in Guadalajara, Mexico on May 25th, before taking them to La Paz, Bolivia on June 26th, with a passage through Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia on June 3rd and 4th, respectively. Sadly, Colombian devotees of the Portuguese act, saw their hopes to see Moonspell taking the stages once again, fall deep into quicksand. Optimistically, we will hopefully see Moonspell returning to Colombia next year, 2018, eventually with a new record under their promotional banner.

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