Tears of Misery to represent Colombia supporting Vader

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

As many of you know, one of the genres that are most widely spread in the world is death metal. The rawness in their lyrics and the depiction of physical pain among the growing struggles of living are things that we all can relate to directly, without metaphors.  That approach has made many musicians to take death metal as part of their ethos, as their preferred media to express themselves. In Colombia, there are plenty of fans of the genre, which will bring none other than Vader to feast their ears and along them, as supporting act you will find a local band, Tears of Misery.

Tears of Misery was brought to the light in early 2000; their members were beginning their slow path to becoming a band, and as many acts, it all began with two guitarists Sebastian Rodriguez y Oscar Bayona and soon they began rehearsing with covers and slowly but steadily gathering more knowledge on each of their instruments. Time passed, eventually they began forming a cohesive strategy regarding where they wanted to take the band in the future. In 2007 with the addition to their ranks of bassist Hernan Bautista and drummer Giovanny Roa, Tears of Misery took a more serious approach to their craft by delivering a single where they defined their signature sound in an anthem called ‘Culto A La Violencia’ in 2008. This single released a big punch in the face right from the start, which will give the tone for the following compositions of the band. In 2009, the band collected enough material to release their first EP called ‘Tragedias Del Tercer Mundo’ where they remastered a few singles released a forehand (‘Culto A La Violencia’, ‘Fosas Comunes’, and ‘Dioses De Barro’)  and the releases of new three songs.


Blitz Latin America In Fire Tour 2015
Blitz Latin America In Fire Tour 2015

While preparing material for the full-length album, Tears of Misery did what most bands do, which is playing in small venues, local festivals where the bands get some notoriety among younger fans. But as many struggling bands, they had their fair share of misfortunes on the road but perseverance is the key to success, which brought to Tears of Misery something very important for emerging bands, a solid base of fans. Those fans that were gathered in the middle of the struggle are the same ones that go to whatever gig, and that made their one version of merchandise with the band as a motivator. Those loyal fans made the band gather enough material to self-release their debut album ‘Inconformoty Manifesto’ which serves as the band’s benchmark for compositions in English. Also, those fans and the brutal performance Tears of Misery give every time they hop on the stage were the responsible to take the band to the next level, playing in Festival Rock Al Parque. In this year’s version of the Festival Rock Al Parque, Tears of Misery brought their A-game in front of a thousand spectators that left the scenario very happy and sore from massive mosh pits.

If you are going to Vader’s concert tonight, you’ll have the chance to check this band at first hand. Tears of Misery will serve a supporting act, and I can assure you that they will warm up just fine for the brutality delivered by none other than one of the most recognized death metal acts in the world. Meet them at the Teatro Lumiere at 8:00 p.m., along with Hedor and Daemoni.

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