The Moscow Tattoo Convention Returns June, in Russia

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Undoubtedly, the International Moscow Tattoo Convention is the world’s most colossal convention of its kind, a congregation that presents professional tattoo artists to a wider clientele, yet emphasising more than two hundred divergent artists and more than ten thousand attendees every year. The convention renders the most dynamic and comprehensive occasion for meeting with fellow professionals besides offering an exhibition of the latest products and services concerning the tattoo industry in Russia.

Since 2007, the International Moscow Tattoo Convention and organiser Pavel Angel — a Russian tattooist specialised in stonework tattoos — traditionally chose professionals, artists and people who deeply respect and find fondness in the quality tattooing in Russia, to help convert the International Moscow Tattoo Convention into the foremost vivid centre of the alternative culture in Russia. Ultimately, it became the biggest convention in the world due to their determination and will to expand and continuously explore its potential, while striving to favorably construct the tangible tattoo atmosphere among comrades and all those intrigued by the art.

The International Moscow Tattoo Convention occupy an extraordinary three-and-a-half thousand square meters of exhibition area, and circle around two hundred stands and three hundred professional tattooists.

The main purpose of the convention is to familiarise a wide public with the many viewpoints of tattoo art; to reveal it as not just another sphere of human talent, but a real art form that occupies a place in many types of modern culture: fashion, film, music, etcetera. Therefore, this festival draws the attention and interest of the general public, the press media, and all those who want to get a glimpse of the tattoo world as well as people who consider themselves involved in body art; either as a lifestyle, alternative culture, or both.

Every day of the International Moscow Tattoo Convention is designed to offer distinctive topics, and there are exhibits of one or more branches of the tattoo culture, not to mention new paraphernalia and techniques presented by leading professionals in the industry.

Moreover of importance — and connected to the event at hand — The third edition of the International Moscow Tattoo Week 2017 will take place from September 15th to 17th in Danilovsky Event Hall, in the centre of Moscow. Said event is organised by the leading Russian manufacturers of products, Tattoo Pharma and the merchants Tattoo Market, presenting a wide range of products for the tattoo industry. The reception of more than two hundred Russian professionals and international tattoo artists are expected that will bring a unique creative atmosphere to the event yet, keeping a competitive approach. The event will include creative art fusions, numerous art gallery exhibitions, and the opportunity to purchase the work from artists present in the charity auction, or directly through their working slots, within the convention.

International Moscow Tattoo Week 2017
Official Poster

The seminars for tattoo artists are held separately with fully equipped rooms, music and dance shows with the participation of professional performers.

The nineteenth edition of the International Moscow Tattoo Convention event will be hosted at Moscow’s Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Pavilion N 4, from June 2nd-4th 2017.

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