The Ester Segarra and Zbigniew M. Bielak experiment

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

It is said that in numerous occasions we assimilate our favorite musical genres merely by the compositions transpired through the records we listen, or the live performances we assist, however it is far common to purchase a record judging by its artwork, other than the acts conceptual photographs that soon and quietly conquer the front pages of our predilected metal publications.

On January 17th and consequently 18th, one of the foremost renowned and infamous visual duos in the extreme music universe will be artistically exposing an avantgarde imaginary multimedia exhibition, this while accompanied by the sorrowful ambiences and darkly atmospheres created by the British newcomers, Shards. I am talking of course of architectural artist Zbigniew M. Bielak and the splendid photographer Ester Segarra, which promise to offer their attendants a multi-sensory experience through the realms of their dark arts at the Crypt Gallery, beneath Saint Pancras Parish Church, located in London, United Kingdom.

Zbigniew M. Bielak is a Polish artist born in 1980 in Cracow, architect by profession and artist by passion, he masterly takes a great deal of attention to details, architecting his conceptual dementia with solid historical points of reference, a trademark that has ever lasted throughout the years on the artworks conceived for acts as maleficent Watain and Mayhem, controversial Ghost BC, occultists Absu and war masters Vader, just to name a very few.

Spanish photographer Ester Segarra has secured her reputation by working with Metal Hammer Magazine for the past eight years after eradicating in London in 1997, while constantly redefining her eclectic and aesthetic approach into iconic visual concepts that until date remain mesmerizing and certainly, gloomy into a certain devious dimension that portraits artists in an elegant yet modern and poetic fashion. Her photographic work is present on Watain, Electric Wizard, Triptykon, Ghost BC, Mayhem, Burzum, In Flames, Primordial and Purson, amongst many others from divergent genres.

Collaborating on Saturday, January 17th will be Shards, an act that was formed by Adorior frontwoman Melissa Gray, more entwined toward the verge of acoustic music that often reminds of the country mates 3rd And The Mortal, Ava Inferi , and Dead Can Dance at a lesser folkish orientation contrasting her vocal presence as a defiance toward the fearsome blackened death metal band Adorior, which is also based in London. Shards are preparing to perform two sets of deeply emotional and saddened resonances as a complement the obscure exhibition that shall awaken the senses by surrounding the attendant with sounds, essences and even the perception of touch.

Tickets for this uniquely metropolitan event are sold for the price of $ 20.00 EU (roughly $ 24.00 USD, or $ 58.000 COP) and are exclusively available via

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