Mortuorum to be unleashed at Festival Rock al Parque

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Colombian melodic death metallers Mortuorum are fitting to pillage the stage of Festival Rock al Parque this coming Saturday, August 15th, 2015. They will be sharing the stage with Poland’s blackened sacrilegious Behemoth and middle-eastern Mesopotamians Meleschech. Truth be told I was dazzled by their hasty professionalism approached via Facebook to forward their information so that I could labour an article and consequently propose the act colossal sonority to a far-reaching audience. If you are not particularly familiar with the technical sourness, yet progressive grandeur sanctioned on their lavish sonority, Mortuorum is definitely one of those Colombian acts that can raise the Colombian flag high and proudly, and stand out of the emblematic norm.

I must confess that whence I heard about them back in 2012, at first I thought they were either a Finnish or Swedish act striving to preserve their posture on the melodic death metal stratum. Fortunately, Mortuorum dynamics unveils throughout their music published online, and surpasses the ill-bred linguistic barriers by resounding frequently as a European act other than Colombian, this by amalgamating an eloquent progressive death metal architecture with a well structured technical melodic array of riffs by Miguel Ángel Morales (rhythm guitar player) and Roy Vega (lead guitar player) with a mid-compassed drumming set by percussionist Juan Sebastián Ortiz that refuses to remain homogeneous as a blast throughout their compositions in a overactive endeavor to venture toward a more common platform often overburden by most death metal acts emerging from Colombia. Raspy, yet immaculate and understandable lyrical vocals choirs sang in English by both Miguel Ángel Morales (leading vocalist) and Roy Vega (backing vocalist), depict an immense undergo of wrath throughout their songs, accompanied with strong bass lines by Camilo Carrascal, Mortuorum stands out and conquers the awareness of the international press media by expressing themselves in English rather than falling in a down spiral of other musicians that wickedly, restrict themselves while intoning their lyricism in Spanish.

Founded by Camilo Carrascal (bass player) and Miguel Ángel Morales (leading vocalist and guitar player) in 2004, Mortuorum haltingly surfaced in the Colombian spectrum with an uncompromised sound of their own, subsidizing their endeavours in a chemistry that with time evolved to the present melodic death metal with a very European alike twist, somehow dignified of Dimension Zero, In Flames, The Haunted, Gardenian, and Arcturon resemblances in a positive way, enriched by a conscious lyrical approach the human projections of life toward their fears of dying, the unknown that barriers wisdom and identity often misunderstood. If we look thoroughly, it is an interesting and expansive topic to explore if we take into consideration that most Colombian acts tend to express through the devious foreskinned brutality concomitant to the marginal, yet stigmatized aspects of everyday livelihood in the country.

Throughout the years, Mortuorum released a series of demos until 2011, year in which they released their solid debut studio album entitled ‘Solar Labyrinth’ during a special event that took place in Latacunga, Ecuador. It took them two years to release their highly acclaimed successor, the ‘In Dependence’ opus.

‘In Dependence’ was produced recorded at Impulso Group by Yizux Chacón, and mastered by Felipe Lopez from Ondaselecta, album which opened the doors for a Mexican tour that consisted of eleven dates through different Mexican cities.

For my misery, I have never seen them performing live, but as far as I could see on YouTube, Mortuorum are a hate breeding, well oiled killing machine that appeals to their audience in militant manner. They just released a new video entitled ‘Hymn Of The Fallen’ on July 26th, 2015, which portraits the musicians with a fleshy new approaching to neo-avantgarde vestments as a homage to the fallen in the battlefield. it was produced at 3Grados Creativos under the supervision of Miguel Ángel Morales, and the assistance and camera mastery of Viviana Saavedra, while capture on lenses by photographer Dalí Carrascal.

Recall that it is inadmissible to remain still with such a discharge of powerful harmonic outburn sent directly from stage toward the darkest pit below by making sure to see them live this upcoming Saturday at Festival Rock al Parque, as they do promise to blast you away from where you stand.

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