Anti-Mortem to cross the Atlantic for Lords Of The Riff

Anti-Mortem to cross the Atlantic for Lords Of The Riff

Anti-Mortem, a band from Oklahoma that mixes southern rock with heavy metal has announced its inclusion on the Lords Of The Riff Tour in UK.

For those of you that have not heard about Anti-Mortem, this band brings some serious sounds to the table despite their young age. Under Nuclear Blast Records the band had released its first album ‘New Southern’ earlier this year, and it seems that they have come to stay.

[blockquote cite=”Nevada Romo”]We’re really excited to tour Europe with Lionize and KYNG. Both are visionary bands for this time. We have heard amazing things about Europe and its reception for this type of rock n roll. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the fans receive us.[/blockquote]

Lords Of The Riff is a festival that encourages good riffs in its line-up, so, it is only to be expected that Anti-Mortem made he cut, together with KYNG and Lionize.

[blockquote cite=”Alexander Milas”]We truly love these bands, and it isn’t often that Classic Rock and Metal Hammeragree on anything, so when we do, we party, this tour is about getting behind the best young bands in our world for a proper run of dates, and for a fair price. We can’t wait to see you there.[/blockquote]

So, if you are in the UK, take a look to this band and let us know your opinion.


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