Arsis announces tour in September, A Decade Of Guilt

Alex de Borba
Alex de Borba

Arsis, melodic technical death metallers from Virgina, United States, announces its upcoming tour through North America in September.

There are moments in life that you as a band have to celebrate your first accomplishment, the first time you are trusted to be a decent musician and therefore be able to release an album. Afterwards 10 years of that first lap, Arsis announces that they will engage on ten year anniversary tour to celebrate amongst their fans with the release of ‘Celebration of Guilt’. Arsis will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their first studio album with a tour called A Decade Of Guilt. The hitch will be through the month of September in North America with the support of Allegaeon and Exmortus.

Originating as a college band and slowly turning to become well-known band in the metal world, Arsis is ready to celebrate how it all started. ‘Celebration of Guilt’ was created during the student days of James Malone, only founding member left on Arsis, and it was distributed by Willowtip Records. No one, not even the band itself, thought the album would be so well received. Regarding what these ten years mean to James Malone:

[blockquote cite=”James Malone”]Ten years ago, I was a full-time college student that was given an opportunity… The musical project that I had been working on ‘for fun’ on breaks from school was asked to record a full-length album for a small independent record label. I had no idea at the time what the response would be to it or if there would be any response at all. Almost as soon as the album was released – much to my surprise – we were getting attention from around the world and my life was forever changed. That album was called ‘Celebration of Guilt’ and myself and everyone in Arsis would like to celebrate its ten year anniversary by playing the album in its entirety on tour. Many of songs have not been played live in years, if ever. Here’s to a decade of guilt and METAL!!![/blockquote]

After this breakthrough, several band members and four albums, Arsis is ready to take the road to get closer to their fans and celebrate such a memorable moment. If, you are one those fans, go and check out the dates to celebrate with them. If not, still check out the date and see with your own eyes what Arsis has to pass on to you.

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