Deicide ties Septicflesh, Marduk, and Carach Angren tour

Deicide ties Septicflesh, Marduk, and Carach Angren tour

American death metal veterans Deicide is celebrating the fast paced one year anniversary release of their death skull crushing and highly acclaimed studio record, ‘In The Minds Of Evil’, an album that manages to captivate both old and new devotees of the band’s sound by taking back some former old-school vibe into their most recent offering.

Despite the fact that the band’s mentor, Glen Benton, publicly stated numerous times that touring is not totally one of their highest priorities nowadays, they however early announced that Deicide is gearing up to hit the road with the In The Minds Of Evil North American Tour.

I must profess that their record ‘In The Minds Of Evil’ totally obliterates, this more often than their previous record, I was not expecting to regain a ‘hold back’ in the earlier 90’s era of the stripe.

Regarding the new tour, Deicide has announced the participation of Greek darkened, obscure death metal theatrical masters Septicflesh, which are currently preparing as well to perform in their country of origin at the Southfest Festival in Kalamata. Septicflesh, which recently have been welcoming, highly praising reviews from the press regarding their newest record, ‘Titan’, which was released earlier this year, to afterwards engage in an extensive tour with Italian Fleshgod Apocalypse, the Conquerors Of The World Tour that went throughout North America with the support of Hour Of Penance and Necronomicon.

Also included in the blaspheme act are Swedish blackened legion Marduk and Dutch theatrical black metallers Carach Angren.

There is only one poster circulating the media press without dates, therefore we will have to remain in the shadows while none of the bands aforementioned above reveals any details regarding this tour, which promises to combine a blackish aura into different spectrum’s when it comes to musical directness.


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