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Dying Fetus to cross the Atlantic in November

We are still in festival mid-season, and there are still dates popping up. Dying Fetus, death metallers for excellence have added 6 weeks’ worth of touring for those on the other side of the North Atlantic. Yes, Europeans, prepare yourselves for impact.

Dying Fetus is willing to take both sides of the Atlantic by assault, In North America the band is the support band for Morbid Angel’s Summer Slaughter tour, alongside The Faceless, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Goatwhore, Thy Art Is Murder, Within The Ruins, and Fallujah.

During the touring dates in Europe as the primary band, Dying Fetus will play with Goatwhore, Malevolence and Fallujah. This tour will begin in November 8th in Belgium and it will finish in December. This tour looks like a warm up for the new album that the band is planning to release somewhere in 2015 via Relapse Records.

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