Faith No More to take North America

Faith No More to take North America
FAITH NO MORE San Francisco - October 28, 2014 Dustin Rabin Photography 2680

Faith No More is one of the bands that has shaped my taste in music for years, between the powerful voice of Mike Patton, to the bass lines of Billy Gould, the blasting drums by Mike Bordin, and musical arrangements by Roddy Buttom, and the riffs that make everything different by Jon Hudson. After their split in 1998 with the last verse of “The Album of the Year” that said “I’m watching you…” it seemed at the time that the trip was pretty much over, for our misfortune. But I guess it takes time to miss the old ways, the old company and to feel the excitement of playing Faith No More tunes once more. It took 10 years for that to happen, at first it was just for the fun of touring, and after 5 years not only the touring is coming back, but also the recording.

It seems that the fellows of Faith No More get true pleasure of touring. So far on the road of “resurrection” to the touring world, the band has been literally going around the globe to greet old fans. By the recounts of such shows, it has been clear that Faith No More came back revitalized with all the strength that characterized their act in the 90’s. So empowered are these guys that 2015 will become the year in which Faith No More take over North America with 15 dates so far that will start on April 15th to May 15th.

While taking North America by storm, Faith No More will be releasing its highly anticipated new studio album ‘Superhero’, an album that has been brewing at low fire for about two years, an album in which it is likely that the fans of the 90’s sound will hear the influences these guys have gathered while working on each of their side projects (Fantomas, Brujeria, Tomahawk, etc). ‘Superhero’ will be released sometime in May through the band’s own Reclamation Recording and distributed by Ipecac Recordings. On a recent entry in the Faith No More blog, the band through keyboardist Roddy Bottum, gave more details of what fans may expect from this album.

[blockquote cite=”Faith No More”]Thanks so kindly for the interest and the continued curiosity in what the 5 of us are creating. We’ve been doing it an awful long time. It’s been a super unorthodox journey and the outcome is often too weird for the common ear. Having you guys here as a soundboard for us and champions of what we do make that journey worth it. The overwhelming response regarding the tour dates and the upcoming LP is really, really profound. Basically it’s a super cheezy sentiment but if there wasn’t a you there wouldn’t be an us so thanks kindly for your support. We’re preparing ourselves for the upcoming onslaught (I’m not privy to violent descriptives but that seems to fit) and we’re going to try and reach as many as you as we can in our process. Sorry if many of you are skipped, geographically on this first go round. We’ll try and fix that. We can’t guarantee anything but it’s honestly our intention to not leave anyone out. Thanks for being understanding in this regard. We continue our trek. Billy is finishing mixing the record, we’re working on artwork, MP is finishing the last couple of tracks and he’s done an amazing job. Truly, I can only say it sounds like us and it doesn’t in the best possible way. You know what to expect and we are going to honor that expectation in the only way we know how.[/blockquote]

Personally, being one of those people waiting for a new album by one the bands that forged my taste within the alternative, I cannot wait to hear what is to come. And, if I had the chance to see them live (Colombia hasn’t been part of the comeback tour…Yet), I wouldn’t miss it for anything. The energy, eclectic approach, sense of humor, and of course, the almost omnipresence of Mike Patton on the stage, all these ingredients combined make a show of Faith No More worthy to experience at first hand.


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