Incantation gear up to tour with Bolt Thrower

Incantation gear up to tour with Bolt Thrower

American death metal veterans Incantation barely set foot at home after a successful headlining tour throughout Europe and already announced a second lengthy tour, this time accompanied by the British death metallers from Coventry, Bolt Thrower.

The tour is set to begin this September, whence Incantation joins both Bolt Thrower and the German Morgoth for selected dates during their Overtures Of War 2014 Tour.

Morgoth is a German death metal band that was formed in 1985 by Rüdiger Hennecke and Carsten Otterbach in Meschede. Originally the name Cadaverous Smell was used and the band played noisy grindcore style. When Harry Busse joined the band they renamed themselves to Minas Morgul. In 1985 the band settled on Morgoth when singer and bass-player Marc Grewe joined the band. The name was derived from the epithet of the original dark lord Melkor in J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle-earth Legendarium. They recorded the ‘Pits of Utumno’ demo on four tracks in 1988, which eventually led to the band being signed with Century Media Records, which had just started.

Despite the tour, Incantation has also confirmed two dates with the American death metal trio Funerus. Funerus is an American death metal band from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, that was originally formed in 1990. The band is a current death metal side project of John McEntee (guitar player) of Incantation and his wife Jill McEntee (handling both bass and vocals). Funerus has released two full length studio albums on Ibex Moon Records.


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