Mastodon announces new tour dates with Gojira

Gojira and Mastodon, that is a mighty combination of refreshing metal sounds, these bands are able to take you on new grounds of coolness, self-awareness; and that you will get out and tell yourself “what happened there I just can explain”. Well, for people in the United States, in case you have not been in any of these bands concerts, take a look to what is coming your way.

Mastodon has announced that there are more dates added to its tour along with Gojira on the United States. The band that will do the honors of supporting such collision of awesomeness will be the Norse Kvelertak which with its rock/black metal twist it will set the mood for what is coming on the show.

Mastodon is promoting its latest album ‘Once More ‘Round The Sun’, which will give many fans the rare opportunity, in case they have not heard the album, to have the blast live experience of it. The tour will start on October 15th in Boise, Idaho and will last 18 tour dates. For Gojira, is the second time they join forces with Mastodon, which for Joe Duplantier is a very excited time:

[blockquote cite=”Joe Duplantier”]The Mastodon tour was such a success in the United States and it was such an awesome tour. I’m a huge Mastodon’s fan; I’m huge fan of their music. I discovered them really late, just recently I really got into their music, I’ve heard of these guy for a long time and I’ve seen them live, but recently something click, and I became this stupid, ridiculous fan when I see them.[/blockquote]

And there is a twist, Gojira has announced the pre-sale of tickets for this tour through its official site on July 10th. So, you early birds, go ahead and buy those tickets.

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