The Mission anniversary adds the Whitby Goth Weekend

Connie Marchal

Connie Marchal

There is truly a history surrounding the origination of The Mission. Previously working with the United Kingdom-based The Sisters Of Mercy, Craig Adams, and Wayne Hussey (originally from Dead Or Alive) both soon left in a contention with Sisters of Mercy’s mainstay, Andrew Eldritch. They hastily formed a band called The Sisterhood, but Andrew Eldritch disapproved the use of the similar name. Therefore, The Mission was born.

Mainly, The Mission started in 1986 with the release of their debut album, ‘God’s Own Medicine’. From there, they became a Goth-flavored band gaining a substantial following. The group held chart clout (primarily in the United Kingdom) for quite a few essential albums up through the mid-’90s. The band then released several other non-charting albums in the New millennium.

On September 17th, 2013, The Mission released their latest studio album in the United States with a set of new songs, twelve in all. The album called ‘The Brightest Light,’ was also published in the United Kingdom on September 20th, and in France on September 23rd.

The Mission will be celebrating their 30 years since they first set foot on the stage at the intimate Alice In Wonderland Club in London on January 20th, 1986.

To celebrate The Mission set out on their most far-reaching and arduous tour since they reformed in 2011, to coincide they will release a brand new studio album. Due to popular demand The Mission have added three further shows to the tour in November – 3rd Leeds O2 Academy, 4th London O2 Forum Kentish Town, and 5th Birmingham O2 Institute.

The 30th-anniversary tour starts in Dublin on October 1st and includes the Whitby Goth Weekend on November 5th.

[blockquote cite=”Wayne Hussey”]30 bloody years! Who would have thought it, eh? As we were well renowned for our, ahem, lifestyle choices, shall we say, I remember Melody Maker ran an office pool betting which member of The Mission would die first. I seem to remember Mick was the favorite with yours truly running a close 2nd. Well, we are still here, alive and well and still going strong. It seems to me that anyone who survives past the age of 50 in this business these days is given legendary honorary status. It is cheaply given, in my opinion, but we will take it. I seriously never thought I would see this day but 30 years is a remarkable achievement. Not one we could have achieved without the support and patronage of our brilliant audience. This celebration is for them as much as it is for our retirement funds.[/blockquote]

With the original musicians Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, and Simon Hinkler being accompanied by new drummer Mike Kelly in 2011 and outfitted by one of the most rabid fan bases in the world The Mission have continued to excite the legions with a slew of successful shows and tours. The Mission has sold more than four million of their previous 13 studio albums and attendant singles, compilations and live albums. They have garnered headlines in the world’s music press and not always for the quality and strength of their music.

Wayne Hussey
Wayne Hussey plus special guest Evi Vine

The Mission are pleased to announce that the updated venue for the Birmingham Wayne Hussey show will be at The Rainbow in Birmingham on the April 22nd, all tickets purchased for the Alfie Birds & The Oobleck venue will still be valid.

The Mission 30th Anniversary Tour
The Mission 30th Anniversary Tour

If you were a The Mission aficionado, then this release should be exciting for you. As a The Mission devotee myself, I am quite excited to hear new music from the ’80s band. Nevertheless, with a new studio album planned and this extensive tour The Mission enter their 4th decade in the rudest of health.

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