Samael to headline Messe Des Morts Festival

Switzerland’s quartet Samael always had of late, a hypnotic yet deviously wicked electro-mystical vibe of their own that personified their presence as something rather unique other than commercial, and that in recent records has resurged with their imminent uprising. Through the years of their career, we saw Samael transmuting from a black metal outfit toward a more sophisticated, modern skin that at first sounded like a futuristic experiment, but soon claimed its position amid their overall approach to metal music.

One might say that Samael’s progression went without restraints nor major preoccupations, as the quartet evolved seamlessly disregarding the heavy criticism that laid upon their heads from an older audience of hardcore listeners. Experimental, yet mystically enchanting, Samael reinvented themselves and got established on a field that few at the time dared to explore alongside with Moonspell, Darkseed and Tiamat perhaps, this in the late 90’s where predominantly, black metal was the common dominator.

The quartet recently took the opportunity to announce that they will be headlining Montreal’s Messe Des Morts Festival in a rare appearance that will see Samael reverting into the past and perform the tracklist from their highly acclaimed ‘Ceremony Of The Opposites’ album in its entirety. This after, in December 2014, they announced the same special performance to take place at Wacken Open Air Festival this year.

Samael will be playing alongside with occultic underground acts such as Shining, Cult Of Fire, and Mitochondrion. Swedish Shining have recently published photographs taken during the video shoot for the act’s upcoming new record, due to be unleashed via Seasons Of Mist this Spring Equinox.

Messe Des Morts Festival is planned to begin on April 2nd to 4th,  and tickets are available thru the festival official website.

Samael part ways with bass player Christoph Mermond

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