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Conversion to GeneratePress

Migrate Design

Migrate Typography

Update Hooks

Update Snippets

Gutenberg Ready

Responsive Ready


Conversion to Gutenberg

+ All Services from Theme

Headers Conversion

Sections Conversion

Footers Conversion

Reusable Blocks

Reusable Templates


Conversion to Optimisation

+ All Services from Builder

Plugins Conversion

Settings Importing

Integrations Reconnection

Functionality Conversion

Setup Optimisation

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Maintenance that matters, inexpensive and scalable


$59.00 / Month

Standard WP Maintenance

Weekly Updates

Uptime Monitoring

Analytics Integration

Daily Backups

Content Guidance

Technical Support


$139.00 / Month

Secure WP Optimisation

+ All Services from Educator

Performance Optimisation

Security Optimisation

Speed Optimisation

SEO Optimisation

SEO Conversion


$209.00 / Month

Scientific WP Publishing

+ All Services from Scholar

Responsive Optimisation

Media Optimisation

Malware Removal

LMS Support

Theme Conversion


$559.00 / Month

Multimedia WP Maintenance

+ All Services from Researcher

Custom Audio Player

Custom Video Player

Advertising Support

Paywall Support

Builder Conversion


$649.00 / Month

Commerce WP Maintenance

+ All Services from Entertainer

Payment Integration

Custom Integrations

Commerce Support

Form Conversion

CRM Conversion


$999.00 / Month

Powerful WP Networks

+ All Services from Merchant

Custom Development

Custom Setups

Custom Child Themes

Membership Setups

Multilingual Support


Powerful performance from personal to enterprise


Powered by Google Cloud Platform over its premium tier network, it is designed to minimise distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure data transport.


Makes use of state-of-the-art technology like Nginx, PHP 8.1, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and optimised VMs to make sure websites are blazing fast.


Powered by Cloudflare APO’s global edge network, our CDN securely serves static and dynamic content from 200 cities making sites load lightning fast worldwide.


Moving sites to us will not cause any downtime. Our expert team will take care of everything for you and double-check to ensure it runs smoothly once it is live.


Each site has a staging environment, completely separate from the live production site. This allows us to test and fix issues prior to pushing to live.


We backup daily. Should the worst happen, we will be able to reinstate a backup quickly on all environments, be it live or staging, within seconds.

Hosting is optional with any packages, meaning you can either keep the site hosted elsewhere or move it to us at any time.

We have got you covered.

Our support rockstars are made of designers, developers, and engineers who can assist you to start running your site by offering the best-in-class customer experiences at scale.



Ideal for support on demand

Analytics Integration

Plugin Conflicts

Hosting Migrations

Styling Tweaks

Error Fixing

Submit Request

Place an order for support assistance detailing your issue with the technical information we require. We will get to it as fast as possible once we evaluate your support ticket submission.

Receive Assistance

Following receipt of your request for assistance we will endeavour to resolve any issue promptly with continuous communication informing you of our progress. Additional information may be requested if required.

Ticket Resolved

Once we identify the source of the issue, we will ensure that our solution will remain in place to avoid the issue persisting. If it goes beyond what we can technically do, we will refund you.

What makes your service different from all others?

We have a solid background as developers, engineers, designers and support individuals, formerly working as part of the most popular themes and plugins in the WordPress ecosystem and as avid contributors to the community. However, what makes us different is our uniquely recognisable approach to everything we do and our dedication, sharing respect towards both the community and the developers behind it. All plans we have added to our service have been carefully crafted and supervised by top industry experts in the field. They kindly shared insights to make this service available to show how much we can give, contribute, and stand out for the difference previous to its launch.

Why create a service for conversions?

The service comes as a way of sharing our performance requirements with others. Since we have high standards when selecting themes and plugins, primarily with performance in mind, we constantly experiment with new methods and products to speed up our network. During this process, we often convert things by replacing one with another. For instance, we are currently removing our third-party builder and replacing it with Gutenberg due to performance concerns, bloat, constant update issues, and other situations. This not only benefits speed, but also provides a better workflow.

Which builders are available for conversion to Gutenberg?

We are offering conversion from Elementor to Gutenberg based upon the vast knowledge, skills and experience acquired performing the conversion on our site. While using Gutenberg Blocks to duplicate the styling, as things progress, we will be considering adding other builders as part of our conversion process.

Why not use a plugin or service that converts builder sections to blocks?

We know that new services and plugins offer automatic conversions from builders to blocks. However, we are developers, and as such, after trying a few of these, we concluded that such conversions add their own bloat or third-party blocks dependencies, which is something we would rather avoid. So instead, our conversions are done manually, pixel by pixel, bit by bit, to duplicate the original design and functionality as closely as possible, as clean and structured as much as possible.

Converting everything manually will not be a long process?

We are pretty fast in what we do and always match the deadline. So besides providing you with clean code and design, we will have a better understanding of where things are and quickly edit and change during maintenance if required, such as to edit minor custom CSS we might have added, knowing what it is for. Services and plugins that automatically convert add their own CSS. It would be slower to inspect code knowing what and where it is. We follow the philosophy of “quality over quantity” by converting manually.

Why do all plans besides conversion ones not have pricing?

For us, setting a price per conversion would be rather complicated, as we do not know which theme, builder, plugins you may be using prior to filling the form and providing us with the information we require to check and inspect it. Furthermore, we have no way to tell how many posts, pages, or forms, for instance, you have prior to receiving such information, how much customisation it will need. If we had set fixed pricing, we would risk being too cheap or too expensive, so we have opted by using a form in which you can provide us with vital information so that we can quote you accordingly.

Why choose GeneratePress and not another theme?

First of all, we are developers, and GeneratePress allows us to extend the theme using custom code since we are deeply familiar with its codebase. Besides this, it is the most stable theme to come out on the ecosystem release upon release, lightweight, and extremely fast. One of their principles is to have performance first, not to mention that having a vanilla theme allows us to work without worrying about third-party conflicts. GeneratePress, all in all, allows us to get the work done faster without adding plugins on top of what has been added already, keeping things extremely simple and easy to use, and most importantly, blazing fast!

Are you confident that you can convert from any other theme to GeneratePress?

Absolutely! We are a team of experienced developers with over a decade of experience in different fields. For instance, this site was converted from Astra to GeneratePress with some custom development from our end. If you want to confirm, please go ahead and try to find any GeneratePress site with a header and footer like ours. We are confident you will not find one.

Why use GenerateBlocks when Gutenberg should be enough?

Gutenberg will be enough in most cases; however, it still needs to sharpen some edges. This is where GenerateBlocks comes in. Performance is also a significant factor since the same team created GenerateBlocks and GeneratePress, the perfect combo. Unfortunately, most block plugins come with too many blocks that will never be needed. The simplicity of GenerateBlocks, which consists of only four, but powerful, blocks allows us to do anything we need without bringing bloat to the workflow.

I am unsure if you start conversions using free or paid plugins. Can you explain?

To begin with, we always start conversions using the free versions of the plugins when available. However, if you need to extend, or we notice some functionality can only be extended by purchasing the paid version, then a paid version of the plugin is required. However, prior to making such upgrades, we will always reach out to you and explain why it is needed, and most importantly, if you agree with it.

So, if some functionality requires licenses, will you provide those? How does the licensing work?

Licenses work in the form of a remuneration to the developers behind them, as we have tremendous respect for those that develop the tools we use, mostly we are part of the ecosystem. This means that every time you choose a plan that requires a license to extend its functionality, we will purchase the license directly from the developers using your previously consented information and pay for it on your behalf. You will then receive the invoice and login information to manage your license at your end. In the meantime, we will add the license key and activate the product at our end to continue working.

You are telling me that I will own and have access to any licensed products?

Yes, we are very anti-lock in as we do not believe such strategies should be used to retain a client. Everything that is required to run on your site as a Pro version will be entirely delivered to you so that you can manage and own it.

Does using paid versions of plugins mean there will be an additional fee?

No, all costs are covered as part of your subscription. There will not be any hidden costs or additional fees. What you pay for is what you get.

How does it works if I already have my licenses on the site?

If you already have the licenses, we just take it from there and keep working without further delays. As long as those were purchased through the direct source and not a redistribution marketplace, there should be no issues. However, be warned that we always check installations for nulled plugins due to security concerns, and we will not support those, especially if opting for hosting with us. We will always require you to purchase official licenses.

Converting from another SEO plugin is done by using Rank Math SEO. How does that work?

The is no doubt that Rank Math SEO is the fastest and most powerful SEO plugin around. That is why we decided to use it ourselves, for a few years now. Conversion, in this case, means that we will import your existing SEO settings from any other plugin that Rank Math SEO supports, ensure everything is working correctly, and then remove the older plugin and clean your database from the old one where such tables are no longer needed.

Why choose FluentCRM as part of the conversion plans?

First of all, it is a self-hosted marketing automation plugin that allows you to handle all your marketing activities and much more in one place inside WordPress. This is not only great if you have privacy concerns and keep your data self-hosted other than relying on a third-party service, but it also allows you further integrations with forms, for instance. We successfully migrated over 700,000 contacts from another CRM to FluentCRM a few months ago, and the experience ran quite smoothly.

Why choose Fluent Forms as part of the conversion plans?

Besides being extremely cost-effective, it is also flexible and lightweight. Nonetheless, it would be best if you kept in mind that while converting from any other forms plugin to Fluent Forms, for instance, the entire process is done manually by redoing forms as there is no way, for now, to import forms from one plugin to another. This means conditional logic, fields, and so on are manually duplicated from one to another.

What is the meaning of Content Guidance? How does it work?

Content Guidance means that if you ever feel lost on how to format content, add keywords, to which category to assign it, and so forth, you can always reach us and ask for guidance. As publishers, with over a decade of experience, we will always be willing to provide you with guidance regarding content by employing our experience as a foundation, meaning that this is also included with the support we offer.

Advertising support, how does it work and of what does it consist?

It is not uncommon to open a site and see too many ads loading simultaneously on one page, often misplaced and causing performance issues. Advertising support means that we can help you optimise and place your ads on your site without significantly impacting its performance. Keeping ads displaying on proper areas, other than “all over the place”, as often happens.

Why support LearnDash, and not another LMS? What can we expect?

We are big fans of LearnDash. We are adding it to our site for future classes and courses. It seems to be the most viable solution to support and maintain the very same tools we use, as this allows us to have an in depth perception of how it works, how to customise it, maintain and so on. It comes as a natural process of selection that only benefits those who choose to use our services, as the learning curve is eliminated and we can go straight to the core of the issue. You can expect hardcore support, trouble fixing and further customisation performed professionally by us, leaving you to worry just about the courses you want to add, update and so forth, and us with the technical end of things.

What does your optimisation consist of?

Our optimisation has many layers and levels and covers everything, starting from the server level. If you chose to host with us, our hosting environment is optimised almost daily. However, we do run optimisation checks on your site often to determine what may be slowing it down, take action to resolve it using different methods, from caching to minification, image optimisation, code snippets, and so on.

For video players, why choose Presto Player? Is it customisable?

We run videos on our site as part of articles related to music, films, etcetera. However, Presto Player has been the best feature-rich video player suitable for businesses, educators, coaches, marketers and much more, at least until the present moment. So, after trying everything we could find through the years, we have settled for now with it. Moreover, yes, it is fully customisable and brandable. But it requires the paid version to take full advantage of it.

Do you do conversions to LaunchFlows from any plugin, or are there limitations?

For now, we are only focused on converting from CartFlows to LaunchFlows due to our experience with both plugins. However, nothing stops us from adding more conversions soon. As we become more experienced with other plugins and have enough requests to convert from any specific plugin, we will consider adding them to our service.

Which Paywalls do you support, and how do you implement them?

Many amazing plugins and services provide paywall implementation. However, we take a more straightforward approach by using WP Fusion to restrict content based on user roles, and their access levels, which should be considered as its set of features allows to do a lot more than just blocking access with a paywall. Nevertheless, we are open to working with any plugin or service of your choosing, or if you leave it up to us, then WP Fusion will be our best option.

Which payment gateways can you integrate with my site?

We are pretty familiar with PayPal, PayU, BitPay, Stripe APIs and a few others, so it is only a matter of letting us know which one you need to be integrated. We will integrate it only if it supports your country of origin, as some gateways have strict regulations, mainly if your business is based in Latin America.

What kind of Multisites do you support?

There are virtually no limits to the kind of networks we can support, from simple multisite setups to full-fledged networks running WaaS, memberships, multi-shops, and so on. Be it social, blog generators to complete academic, university portals, public or private networks, through the course of the years, we have handled all kinds of multisite setups, from simple to highly complex.

Do you support multilanguage setups besides using Polylang?

After trying numerous multilanguage plugins, we have settled with Polylang for its ease of use and stability. It seems to be everyone’s favourite due to its fast learning curve, simplicity and above all, a breeze to setup and quickly managed translations.

Do you support non-profit organisations? If so, how?

We are, at our core, philanthropists, and we often contribute to causes, especially those involving children in need of medical treatments, food, etcetera, those less favoured in life and often abandoned to their faith, in sum, orphans. Therefore, we do offer custom-tailored plans made just for your organisation. However, those can only be provided after following specific requirements we impose to verify the authenticity of your organisation.

If hosting with you, will my site be fully secured?

We run constant security checks on sites and replace infected installations by reinstalling a clean copy of the files. We also do the identification and removal of infected plugins containing malware. This means that if your site is hacked while hosted with us, we will work with you for free to try and undo the damage.

What if I want a brand new site built, maintained and designed by you?

You can always ask us for custom development, and we do offer the service. We can follow what you have in mind and duplicate it regarding design. However, suppose you want something completely different from anything else on the internet, by simply viewing our own website, it is obvious we can provide exactly that. If you decide to ask us to go “crazy and wickedly creative with it”, we can guarantee to deliver something truly unique, truly bespoke without causing you a heart attack, yet bring that “completely unexpected and outstanding presence” to those that will be visiting your new site.

How about redesigning an existing site?

Indeed, we can pick up where you left off and completely redesign your existing site and bring it up to modern times and standards with a different approach without costing you an arm and a leg.

Do you offer any refunds on the plans you have?

Unfortunately, as you may understand, we provide a service that often also includes premium plugins, for which licenses are purchased individually. Having this in mind, we do not provide any refunds as a significant part of our service consists of working hard to provide you with the best possible experience. All our plans are monthly, meaning that if you are somehow displeased with our service, you may cancel your subscription at any given month without automatic renewals. If we were a product, we would charge yearly and have a refund policy of fifteen days counting from the day of purchase.

I did not find any mention whether or not you are a White Label, are you?

Everything we do is either Open-Access, Open-Source, White Label, or all together, meaning that this particular service is White Label. All plans have no branding whatsoever, nor any reference to us while working on your site, as we work entirely on ninja stealth mode. We strongly believe that everything we do for you after completion belongs to you and not us, and we see no point whatsoever charging extra to remove any mentions of us, which we do not add to begin with.

If I want my site to be part of your portfolio to gain some momentum, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. We are always keen to share something we have worked on with others, and people are always more than willing to check it out. In one way or another, it will benefit both ends, us with a showcase, you with an entirely different and broader audience.

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